5 July 1939

At the Warehouse

The team debated killing some Germans to steal their uniforms.

Killer found a window vent overlooking what turned out to be Gestapo Headquarters (11).

Chance decided to wait until dark and then sneak into the ghoul tunnels via truck to the monastery.

Helena and Evelyn worked out a book code using the 1939 Pocket Hard Cover Grimms Fairy Tales.  She give each member of the team and identical copy.

The resistance managed to find some officer swords for Chance and Tomas, as well as carbide lamps for each team member.

Zajic arranged for a moving van to come at sunset.

The trip back to the monastery was uneventful, but on arrival, the abbot was not receptive to letting them back in.  Chance persuaded him to allow them to pass through to the catacombs.

In the Tunnels

The ghouls did not detect the book and offered their assistance assistance:

They showed the team the way to the castle cemetery.

They agreed to attack the Germans if necessary.

At the Castle

The tunnel emerged in the chapel of the cemetery.

Upon leaving the chapel, they spotted the lone guard on the wall.  He was not looking into the cemetery.

The only way out of the cemetery was to go up the steps to the top of the wall and down the exterior steps.  They climbed up and came across another guard.  Killer snuck up and stabbed him, but did not kill him.  Chance shot him with his silenced pistol.

Chance changed into the soldier’s uniform.

The Team

  • Sgt. Jack “Killer” Killarney, Irish British Army Sniper – Jordan
  • First Lt. Nathan “The Professor” Chance, American Military Attache and expert on occult matters – Jon
  • Evelyn Rose-Wolfe – SOE operative – Lucien
  • Petty Officer, Second Class Gus Anderson – Navy Diver and Demolitions expert – Blake
  • Tomáš Plašil, Czech Resistance Member – Kyle