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September 2014

World War Cthulhu Session Notes: September 29, 2014

Mission Summary and Team
IMG_0002.JPG Monday, 28 April 1941 

At the Farm

  • Overnight, Simon was able to dig a five foot cube beneath the floor of the basement. He heard the sound of something coming outside and noticed that the sun had risen.
  • He sees a horse-drawn cart bearing a woman and two men. Simon goes to the front door. At the sight of him, the woman jumps from the cart and runs to embrace him. Marie Claire introduces herself as Simon’s sweetheart. Her companions are the first resistance people to come for training (Millard Duhamel and Talon Sciverit), and they will stay at the farm as farmhands in case the Germans come around.
  • She starts making small talk and interrupts Simon to ask why he has accepted her so easily. He replied that he knew things about her. She chided him for being so accepting.
  • She offered him a note from Yves verifying what she told him and informing him that Marie Claire has a dead drop if they need to communicate. The note also said that Simon should be careful not to reveal the different cells to each other. Marie and her two colleagues were a cell and they would depart before the next cell came for training.
  • Millard and Talon joined them in the house. Simon explained the plan, and they set to continue the digging of the tunnel.

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World War Cthulhu Session Notes: September 22, 2014

Mission Summary and Team
IMG_3866.JPG Sunday, 27 April 1941 

At the Farm

  • Simon (Basil) was at the Le Moal farm. He set about getting the farm tractor working. He then looked about the grounds. He noted that the trees in the orchard had been picked clean, and that the garden was turned because it had been picked clean. There were no signs of anything that could be grown or eaten anywhere on the grounds.
  • Gabriel then sought out writing materials and began composing a draft of a resistance newsletter suggesting that the people were being oppressed and that they should consider holding out on the Germans and hiding supplies for themselves.
  • They then set about planning a tunnel westward from the basement toward the tree. They dug the tunnel below the floor of the basement such that it could be covered with some barrels to conceal it. The tunnel was to be 5 feet tall and three feet wide, for use as both firing practice and as an escape route.
  • Using their expertise, they determined that they could use the sewage space under the barn normally used by the cattle to stow the displaced dirt.

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Sturm’s Log Session 1: 9/21/2014


  • Baudemagus, the Legate of the 150th Legion, appeared at the academy in Area 51, Nevada.
  • The world of Fierce was a low-magic party world for the lords of Gossamer. Advanced tech existed on Fierce that did not work on other worlds. And there was no tradition of sorcery and magic on Fierce.
  • A year ago, Eidolon powered cyber soldiers appeared and attacked the inhabitants.
  • Soto-sama, commander of one of Drake’s legions and a Fierce native, and her legion engaged the Cyber-Naki to stop the genocide.
  • Drake ordered the world abandoned. Soto-sama refused to leave, and her 1st cohort, the First Fangs, stayed and were sealed in. The last communication was that they were attempting to leave, but they never arrived.
  • Drake ordered the door sealed and declared Soto-sama and her legion as traitors. No further news was heard from Fierce.
  • Yesterday, Soto-sama’s legate, Baudemagus, received a message from Soto-sama that the evacuation was a disaster.
  • Since he was forbidden from sending Legionnaires to investigate, he recruited eight gifted academy seniors to do a recon as they were not yet members of a legion.
  • This was all the information that Baudemagus had.
    He gave them each Soto-sama’s icon, one of his own, and maps of Fierce.

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World War Cthulhu Session Notes: September 15, 2014

Mission Summary and Team
IMG_0001.JPG Saturday, 26 April 1941

World War Cthulhu Session Notes: September 8, 2014

Mission Summary and Team
16 April 1941

  • Received briefing from N.
  • Jakub had heard of the von Laue family and knew that Gottfried’s line was degenerate with a penchant for the occult.

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World War Cthulhu: Sleeper Agents

The Mission
Oskar Kalb, Gottfried von Laue, René Celle. Three very dangerous individuals. All with connections to the real enemy. All in the French city of Rennes.

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