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October 2014

Lords of Gossamer and Shadow

I have been playing in a Lords of Gossamer and Shadow game, the regeneration of the Amber diceless role playing game, for the past few weeks. The game is being run by Steve Russell of Rite Publishing, who is the publisher of the game, and we are play testing a future Rite Publishing product for the game. This is only my second foray into diceless role playing, but so far it has been a rewarding experience.

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World War Cthulhu Session Notes: October 20, 2014

Mission Summary and Team
Thursday 1 May 1941

  • Clara went to register. When she told them she was a doctor, the Oberleutnant invited her to his office. He asked why she came to Betton. She said that she thought that medical aid would be needed in the north, especially in small towns.
  • The Oberleutnant was interested in where she would practice and confided that having a medical resource in the village would be advantageous, so he agreed to allow her to treat the villagers in secret to avoid the scruitiny of his superiors so long as she was willing to treat any serious injuries among his men.
  • The Oberleutnant suggested that she practice in her house and that he might be able to help her acquire supplies. He stamped her papers and provided authorization for a vehicle.
  • The Oberleutnant was also be interested in her and asked to see her socially at the cafe.

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Sturm’s Log Session 3: 10/19/2014

The Opera House

  • Sturm easily noted the location of numerous snipers and sentries.
  • Cyra considerered opening a secret way to the base, but discovered a sorcery ward to prevent departure from Fierce.
  • Sturm assessed the strengths and capabilities of the opposing forces. They appeared to be fairly well equipped. They were clearly members of Drake’s Legions and therefore quite capable of injuring even him.
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Uther’s Dairy #2

Dear Diary,

Gods that sounds awful. Still, I’ve got to start somehow, and since this is only intended for myself than it’s as good a start as any, I suppose. I’m writing this more to try to set my thoughts in order than for posterity, than to win any literary awards. Hell, I’ll probably be mortally embarrassed if anyone else should happen to actually read it.

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World War Cthulhu Session Notes: October 6, 2014

Mission Summary and Team
IMG_3877.JPG Wednesday, 30 April 1941 

In Town

  • Yann introduced Victor to Oliver Dupont, the garage operator. Dupont was suspicious of him after he mentioned that he had already gotten his papers, said the Germans were friendly, and said that the best way was to live amicably. Yann reassured Dupont, but the mechanic did not seem to trust him too much either.
  • Victor then volunteered to inventory the shop (looking useful materials for sabotage, repairing weapons, more making improvised ones).

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Sturm’s Log Session 2: 10/5/2014

Rescue Plan?

  • There was debate among the team as to whether rescuing Jonathan was part of our mission. William posited that rescuing Jonathan could likely lead them to the rest of the legion. Jane, Uther and Mena stated a belief that Jonathan was likely either not actually there, or had been compromised. Sturm proposed that part of reconaissance is going to where the enemy is and seeing what is there.
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