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November 2014

World War Cthulhu Session Notes: November 24, 2014

Mission Summary and Team
Frankreich, Festgenommene Widerstandsk‰mpfer
2 May 1941 

To The Farm

  • Simon was collected at dawn to get the rifle at the farm. The Leutnant took him in a truck with four soldiers.
  • Once they collected the rifle and shell casings, he instructed his troops to leave the farm and search the neighboring area for a large man and a sledge hammer.
  • The Leutnant took Millard’s body to bring back to the clinic.
  • He told Simon that he would release Marie Claire to return to the farm.

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World War Cthulhu Session Notes: November 17, 2014

Mission Summary and Team
1 May 1941
At the Clinic

  • After a short rest, Antoinette checked on Talon.
    • Marlon said that he been groaning in his sleep, but had not awakened.
    • She assessed his condition and determined that he was stable, but his leg was not reparable.
    • Antoinette told Marlon to get some rest. He was reluctant, but laid down on the empty bed and was asleep in a few minutes.
    • The German patient was awake and playing cards with another soldier. He was responding favourably to treatment.
    • Antoinette wanted to get someone to the farm to signal N about the box and Marlon and his visions because she had a feeling they would be leaving the village soon.
  • Around midnight, the Leutnant and two soldiers returned looking for Simon and Marie Claire. They were taken to the kitchen table where the Leutnant had them go over their story again.
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    World War Cthulhu Session Notes: November 10, 2014

    Mission Summary and Team

    1 May 1941
    At the Farm

    • When Simon and Marie Claire arrived at the Farm, there was a commotion inside the farmhouse. The door to the basement was burst inward.
    • Suddenly, Millard flew out through the basement doorway. Simon dismounted and ran toward him.
    • A giant rag doll emerged from the basement and advanced to examine Millard’s still form. Simon shouted at it, but it did not seem to notice.
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    World War Cthulhu Session Notes: November 3, 2014

    Mission Summary and Team
    1 May 1941 

    At the Garage

    • They heard the sound of trucks coming up the road. It awakens the soldier sleeping in the office.
    • The soldier at the front snapped to attention when Leutnant Jaeger and two grizzled veterans entered the garage.
    • The Leutnant instructed Victor to fix his kubelwagen and come to the cafe when the repair is done. He and the soldiers left.
    • Victor assessed the condition of the kubelwagen and determined that it had seen action in Poland.

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