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December 2014

Sturm’s Log Session 4: 12/14/2014

To the Train Station

  • They continued their journey to the train station. Assieh was not present. The path they followed toward the train station appeared like a natural habitat for some creature that lives in a jungle. There were waterways that criss-cross the path, with tall grass all around. To either side of the path was devasation patrolled by Cyber-Naki. Cyra detected magic in the habitat area. There was no undo presence of Eidolon in the habitat area.
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Uther’s Diary #3

Dear Diary,

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World War Cthulhu Session Notes: December 8, 2014

Mission Summary and Team IMG_3949.JPG 12 May 1941

At the Town Hall

  • The Oberleutnant and the Leutnant insisted on taking Antoinette to the cafe after her meeting with Kalb. They would not take no for an answer. The Leutnant noted that the Oberleutnant was on duty. The Oberleutnant conceded reluctantly.

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I Hate Google Docs

This afternoon I spent two hours brainstorming for World War Cthulhu with my wife and making notes with Google Docs in the Microsoft Word document on my iPad. I deliberately closed the document every time I paused to sync it to Google Drive. A few hours later, I opened the document on my iPhone, started editing, and then realized that it was not the current version. However, as soon as I closed the document, it uploaded to Google Drive and overwrote all the work I had done this afternoon. This is not the first time this has happened. Google Docs knows to upload on saving. Why can’t it download before opening? There are no settings for Google Docs.
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