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January 2015

Dresden Files Session Notes: January 29, 2015

The Group

  • Zoe Kallas – waitress at grandparents’ diner in Arlington; journalism graduate looking for a real journalism job. (Changling who has no clue, mother was fey of Summer Court)
  • Ely Vantide – debt collector – all kinds of debt. (Emissary of Power for a Dragon)
  • Kyna Quinlan – wizard of Irish descent. New to the White Council. Muscle for Ely.
  • Walter Ballard – were-leopard and therapist to the Supernatural.

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World War Cthulhu Session Notes: January 26, 2015

Mission Summary and Team
19 May 1941
At the Apartment

  • The team was at the safe house when a short, nondescript man wearing a slightly worn suit arrived.
  • He provided the correct identification code and identified himself as √Čric Sanschagrin and brought new orders from N.

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World War Cthulhu Session Notes: January 19, 2015

Mission Summary and Team
19 May 1941
A Week Has Passed

  • Laurent recovered the gold box from the church and has been watching over Norris during his researches.
  • Norris has been studying the gold box, making trips to the Rennes library and local bookstores.
  • Laurent suspected that Norris’ inquiries into Aramaic and Jewish themes may have attracted Gestapo attention. He had noticed what might have been people following them and has used various techniques to successfully lose the suspected tails.
  • Laurent also suspected that Julienne Bonnet, the concierge of their apartment building, might be a potential Gestapo informant. She seemed to know when everyone was coming and going from the building, especially at night, was very observant, and asked a lot of casual questions.
  • Raymond had been establishing his presence at the law firm and making a show of reviewing case files.

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Sturm’s Log Session 5: 1/18/2015

At the Castle

  • The team debated how to make contact with Soto-sama. They seemed to universally reject Sturm’s “blow up the nuclear power plant as a suitable show of strength that causes the enemy to surrender” plan.
  • The alternative was to send Mindel to Soto-sama with a message. “I CAN TELEPORT THE MONKEY!” Another alternative was to teleport one of the team to convey the message. Sturm was again universally disqualified.
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Uther’s Diary #4

A missive unto an obdurate blinkered shortsighted clod,


Dear Diary,

We came across something earlier today which really put our whole mission in perspective for me.
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World War Cthulhu Session Notes: January 5, 2015

Mission Summary and Team
13 May 1941
New Identities

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