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February 2015

Sturm’s Log Session 6: 2/22/2015

At the Factory
Cyra and Uther landed the car in the factory near the battle zone.  

Mina gave Baudemagus the artifact. Baudemagus stopped her bleeding.
Sturm told Mina that Soto-sama was there.  She relayed that to Baudemagus.  He gave her his icons and went to talk to Drake in order to get permission to send some reinforcements.  He said to tell Soto-sama that she had not been abandoned that that he supported her actions.

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Uther’s Diary #5

Dear. Diary.

An unexpected success and an unexpected visitor have given rise to a plethora of questions lately.
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World War Cthulhu Session Notes: February 16, 2015

Mission Summary and Team
Examining the Photographs
Raymond and Norris reviewed the photos of the stolen artwork. Norris made some observations about some of them.

  • Creation – the painting has clearly classical elements. There were multiple faces interposed upon and within each other. Three eyes symbolized divination. Might be the three faces of the crone, or Pan, Candles on the sides were out of place with the rest in style. Cat-like face on the bottom beneath the central figure’s lips. There was also a mountain range behind the figure, but it was not familiar.
  • Union of Consciousness – Multiple eye motif again. The horns near the top could represent interstellar travel where the one of the left leads to a star, but the one on the right does not, indicating perhaps a further distance. Triangle in the center suggests multiple perspectives. The eyes in the lower center appear to be staring back. The central figure suggests the phoenix being reborn. Mountain range in the background similar to that in creation. Pyramid in the center with the capstone as the source of the phoenix and a door in the center. Or perhaps a volcano erupting or a dragon emerging. Possible also a crown for the cloud eyes.

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