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April 2015

World War Cthulhu Session Notes: April 28, 2015

Mission Summary and Team

Sunday, May 25, 1941

In Bruz

Having driven off the man from the butcher van who had been watching them, Raymond and Norris hid the van along the road back to Rennes.  Then they returned to the inn, where they examined what they had recovered from the van.  After that, Raymond and Laurent went to the taproom for a meal along with the other guests of the inn. Raymond struck up a pleasant conversation with a young woman whose older female companion was not so friendly.  Laurent and Olivier the telephone repairman played a game of checkers at the bar over their sausages and greens.  In the meantime, Norris looked over the various clues again to see if he had missed anything.
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Dresden Files Session Notes: April 23, 2015

February 3, 2008 

Outside the Magic Shop

    They noted that the offices nearby, A-1 Travel and Allstate Insurance, were still in operation, though not open at that hour.  They went to the Silver Diner to plan.  They considered how to get the occupants of the magic shop out of it so they could look around.  Options ranged from starting a fire to an annoying alarm clock in the office next door that continuously went off.    They opted for a number of wind up alarm clocks from Walmart.  They returned to DC so Walter could make his appointment with Devon.  
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    World War Cthulhu Session Notes: April 13, 2015

    Mission Summary and Team 


    Sunday, May 25, 1941

    In Bruz

    Raymond, Norris and Laurent were at the Abbey Arms Inn in Bruz.  Laurent was attacked by the Fallen Angel, which was clearly not a ghost and was probably not an angel either, in the ruins of the old abbey.  Several farmers showed up at the last minute and rescued them.

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    World War Cthulhu Session Notes: April 6, 2015

    Mission Summary and Team 


    Saturday, May 24, 1941

    In Bruz

    The only inn in Bruz was called the Abbey Arms.  Laurent and Norris approached the bartender.  Raymond approached from the other side in order to eavesdrop on four tipsy Luftwaffe officers sitting at a table.

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    Sturm’s Log Session 9: 4/5/2015

    In Morholt’s Domain
    Mena and William noted that they did not have icons of each other, so they created icons of everyone for everyone.  

    They debated what to do next.  In the end they decided to ask for help.  Uther’s uncle was commander of one of Drake’s legions, and could get Drake’s ear, but it was unclear whether that would help.  Fierce was supposed to be closed off.  At the very least, they could find out what happened to Baudemagus.

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    Uther Diary #8

    Personal Log.  Stardate …

    Sorry, couldn’t resist.  

    I was right.  The identity of the Cyber-Lady sorceress was significant.  Highly.  Just not in the way I had imagined.  We’re no closer to defeating her, but since our given mission is reconnaissance we’re moving forward.  The only trick now will be reporting it.  
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