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May 2015

World War Cthulhu Session Notes: May 25, 2015

Mission Summary and Team

Tuesday, May 27, 1941

Raymond and Laurent considered their options. Raymond suggested using the butcher van to approach Café Morvan and disguised as butchers, use the van to bomb it. He proposed watching the café to identify when the best time to hit it was (e.g., when the most nationalists and Germans were there and the fewest other folk. They needed to find a convenient location from which to observe.
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Uther’s Diary #10

Personal Log

We checked the door for traps.  No, that’s not quite accurate.  Jane checked out what was waiting for us on the far side of the door.  An office with a secretary.  It seemed innocuous enough.  We sent Sturm through first to trigger any possible ambush.  When overt violence failed to break out I configured Namural as a trench coat, altered Durandel  to sawed-off mode for easy concealment, and joined the rest of the group in heading through the door.  I wasn’t actually expecting trouble, but given the stakes I didn’t want to be under-cautious.  
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Dresden Files Session Notes: May 14, 2015

February 4, 2008 

The Plots at Hand

  1. The play
  2. The magic shop
  3. The dead waitress
  4. The troubled teenager

The team debated what to do.  
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World War Cthulhu Session Notes:  May 5, 2015

Mission Summary and Team

Monday, May 26, 1941 – 3PM

The team returned from Bruz after Raymond and Norris spent a night in jail.  They had been accused of assaulting the driver of the butcher van and stealing the van.  Their accuser’s toolbox and clipboard were found among their possessions.  Raymond told the local police inspector that he had found the toolbox and clipboard on the ground.  He also said that the man was probably part of the ring of art thieves he was pursuing because he had been seen previously in their travels and had a map with various locations they had been to in Rennes identified in invisible ink.  He then interviewed Norris, whose story did not exactly match Raymond’s.  The inspector was skeptical, but he had no evidence to support the alleged victim’s claims, so he released them in the morning and suggested that they leave Bruz.
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Sturm’s Log Session 10: 5/3/2015

Opening the Door to Nexopolis

The sign on the door said “Open for Business.”  Jane put her hand to he door and confirmed that it went to Nexopolis and opened on a small office containing a woman with Asian features and flowing blond hair.  Sturm opened he door and entered.  He made some harmless banter with the receptionist.
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Uther’s Diary #9

Personal Log.

That’s it.  Just Personal Log.  

After some more deliberation, we decided that Cyra and I should head back to the Earth the academy is located on.  From there we should be able to determine our own status, and maybe that of Baudemagus.  We stepped through to the Grand Stair and I sealed the Door behind us once again.
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