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June 2015

Dresden Files Session Notes: June 25, 2015

February 5, 2008

At the Diner

The woman from the theater was in the diner reading her script.  Walter napped in a booth.  Zoe went home to get some sleep.   Ely and Kyna decided to go to the magic shop.  They discussed their options.  Ely noted that setting off the alarms was a given. With luck it would only be the magical ones.  Kyna was insistent that she get time to recharge her shield bracelet, but she did not think there were any active runes timed to the ward.  It would not cause them any harm if set off.  
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World War Cthulhu Session Notes: June 15, 2015

Mission Summary and Team  

Friday, May 30, 1941

At the Hotel de Police

Raymond went to the Hotel de Police to learn what the gendarmes knew about the art thefts. When Raymond arrived, there was a flurry of activity, but nothing noteworthy. The uninterested desk sergeant ignored him until he demanded attention. When Raymond asked for information related to the art thefts, the sergeant said that he knew nothing of it. When pressed, the sergeant asked for his name and made a call. After a short, one sided conversation, the sergeant said that Inspector Rosseau would collect him shortly.
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Dresden Files Session Notes: June 11, 2015

February 4, 2008

In Rock Creek Park

It was a dark and stormy night.  No seriously, it was cloudy in the woods of Rock Creek Park.  Kyna was trying to determine if there was a full moon.  The tracking spell inidcated that the Black Pelt was about 500 yards away.  Walter changed to cat form, but he was unable to find a trail.  Kyna stated that the talisman was the object.  
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World War Cthulhu Session Notes: June 8, 2015

Mission Summary and Team

Friday, May 30, 1941

At the Safe House
Norris arrived at the apartment just before curfew. He was greeted at the doorway by Julienne Bonnet, the concierge of their apartment building, who Laurent thought might be a potential Gestapo informant. She seemed to know when everyone was coming and going from the building, especially at night, was very observant, and asked a lot of casual questions.
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Call of Catthulhu:  The Buzz Downstairs


I came upon the Call of Catthulhu booth at AwesomeConDC last week and met Joel Sparks.  I had seen bits about the game on and off, and my friend Mike had been a Kickstarter pledge.  I mentioned Mike’s name to Joel, we had an animated conversation about the the game, and he gave me some dog minis to go along with the Book of Dogs appendix in Book II:  Unaussprechlichen Katzen.  I was intrigued and bought the boxed set there at the con.

Last week we were down two players for our weekly Pathfinder game, so we decided to give Call of Catthulhu a try with me as the Cat Herder.  The possibility of us not having the Pathfinder quorum was not unexpected, so I had read the rules and skimmed one of the sample adventures for just such a contingency.
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World War Cthulhu Session Notes: June 1, 2015

Mission Summary and Team 


Friday, May 30, 1941

At The Garage

Laurent prepped the abandoned Garage near the rail yard south of the Ollivier factory to build the bomb in. He found tools and other materials among the ruins. Having set everything up, he went to church where the supply of explosive they arrived with was hidden. He walked the short distance, and crossed the river, to the church near the Hamelin Abbey. He was careful to avoid surveillance.
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