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August 2015

World War Cthulhu Session Notes: August 31, 2015

Mission Summary and Team


Sunday, June 1, 1941

At the Garage

Raymond, Norris and Francis were at the abandoned garage with the butcher van and the shrapnel. Norris was studying the Demon’s Bane from Châteaugiron in the office. Raymond instructed Francis to make contact with N for further instructions. In the mean time, Francis had found him some laborer’s coveralls and Raymond worked on improving his disguise. He planned to steal some papers from a homeless person.
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Titansgrave August 25, 2015

Keg-E led them to the site of the caravan. The bandits were focused on laying waste to the caravan.  
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Titansgrave August 18, 2015

The team previously found a sphere with arcane etchings on it. They had sought out someone to identify what it was, but had not had much success. The sphere was in Se’Lak’s possession.
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World War Cthulhu Session Notes: August 3, 2015

Mission Summary and Team
Saturday, May 31, 1941

At the Market Near the Palais Saint-Georges

Raymond arrived at the market around 6:30 so as to get a perspective on the situation there. He purchased a meal from one of the vendors and waited for his contacts to arrive. While he was waiting, he spotted Antoinette emerging from an alley. She made her way carefully through the crowed. Raymond noticed that she appeared uncharacteristically anxious. A moment later, a well-dressed man emerged from the same alley. Raymond could tell that he was following her, and that Antoinette was aware of it.
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