Keg-E led them to the site of the caravan. The bandits were focused on laying waste to the caravan.  

T’Vek and Se’Lak took to the high ground on either side of the road. Finn went to Se’Lak’s side and took cover. Thorin charged down the road. Ballinor took a bowshot and dropped one of the bandits.  

Balanor shot the next one in the line. Thorin followed up and hit the injured bandit again. The injured bandit shot at Thorin, but missed. Another shot Balanor in the chest with a blaster pistol. Finn took a shot, but missed another bandit. T’Vek hit a bandit with a Fire Blast. Si’Lek hit another bandit with an Arcane Blast 

Balanor shot the bandit again, but only for a glancing blow. Thorin dropped his opponent with a Mighty Blow and then advanced toward the caravan. A bandit shot Thorin. Another shot T’Vek. Another shot at Thorin, but missed. Another plume of smoke started to rise from the caravan. Finn shot one shooting at Thorin. T’Vek hit his opponent. Se’Lek hit the one shooting at Balanor with an Arcane Blast.

Balanor advanced to defend the caravan and shot two bandits. Thorin felled one of the bandits Balanor wounded. The bandit shot back, but missed. Finn shot and killed Se’Lek’s target. T’Vek cast Arcane Blast and hit one of the bandits. Se’Lek shot an Arcane Blast an unsuspecting opponent and wounded him.

Balanor shot another bandit and hit him with a Mighty Shot. Thorin advanced to the nearest platform and hit a bandit on top it. The bandit attacked with a mace, but hit his shield. Two shot at Balanor, but missed. T’Vek was shot. Se’Lek was shot as well. Finn missed with his shot. T’Vek sent an Arcane Blast at the bandit fighting Thorin. Se’Lek hit his foe with his power baton and knocked him off the cliff.

Balanor closed on a bandit with his sword, but missed. Thorin leapt onto the nearest platform and flipped on to the next one, where he attacked an unexpecting bandit. Two bandits responded with a mace, but both hit Thorin’s shield. Another hit Balanor with his mace. The last bandit leapt off the caravan and missed Balanor. Finn shot at him. T’Vek shot an Arcane Blast and hit one on Thorin. Se’Lek Arcane Blasted one fighting Balanor. The caravan guards joined the fight, but missed.

Balanor disengaged and drew his bow. Thorin hit one of his opponents hard and dropped him. A bandit pursued him, but missed with his mace. Another hit Thorin hard from behind. One of the bandits killed a caravan guard. Finn shot again and hit his target, who dropped to one knee. T’Vek killed the bandit fighting Balinor. Se’Lak shot an Arcane Blast at the one Finn shot, but did no damage. A caravan guard knocked the last guard on a platform off.

Balinor shot and killed the last bandit.

With the battle won, the Beer Baron praised them for the aid. He asked them to help clean up the scene and guard the caravan back to the Pegasus Roadhouse. T’Vek looked to fix the caravans. Finn looted the bodies for 10 blaster pistols, 10 Fulgin batteries, and 40 sp. Se’Lek healed Thorin and T’Vek. Then they returned to Nestoria.

Approaching the Pegasus Roadhouse, the crowds flooded out to greet them and the Beer Baron was overjoyed. After the beer was unloaded, the Beer Baron praised Thorin and Company for saving the Old Chaotic Neutral and gave each a first draw from the keg. They toasted friends and fallen comrades, and the party ensued.

The Team:

  • Se’Lak Ambereye, Saurian Mage (Healing & Fate) Archaeologist – Joab
  • Thorin Palidino, Dwarf Warrior (Axes, Weapon & Shield, and Thrown weapons) – Stewart
  • Tevek Ironclaw, Saurian Mage (Fire & Power), interested in technology – Daniel
  • Finn, Human Rogue Scout, keeps to himself – Paul
  • Ballinor Cyrll, Elven Rogue – Jesse