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September 2015

Titansgrave September 22, 2015

At Brewcore

The next morning, the Beer Baron had laid a fine spread for breakfast.  Finn did not come down for breakfast.  The others enjoyed the proffered fare in preparation for their journey to Nestoria to consult Farkaya the sage.  While they were eating, the Beer Baron’s steward appeared assisting a middle aged dwarven woman, who was wounded and burned.  The woman said that the crew in the brewery was attacked by something small and fast, and that one of the boilers exploded.
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Titansgrave September 15, 2015

At the Pegusus Roadhouse

There was an epic party with lots of beer, food and wenching. The Beer Baron invited the team to breakfast the next day.
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World War Cthulhu Session Notes: September 14, 2015

Mission Summary and Team

Sunday, June 1, 1941

At the Garage

Raymond, Norris and Francis were at the abandoned garage with the butcher van, the artillery shells, and the shrapnel. Francis had found Raymond some laborer’s coveralls and Raymond worked on improving his disguise. He planned to steal some papers from a homeless person
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Sturm’s Log Session 12: 9/13/2015

In Nexopolis

Sturm opened the door to Nexopolis.  Willa, the receptionist, was there to greet them.  A month had passed.  She asked what she could to for them.   Cyra said that they were looking for Callius, Prince of Gossamer and Shadow.  Willa informed them that Prince Callius had left Nexopolis and had not told her of his destination.  She suggested consulting his colleagues on Nexopolis.  Sturm suggested consulting Finian, who had offered them jobs on their previous visit.  Willa showed them up to his office.
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Uther Diary #11

Personal Log

We won.  

So why do I feel like we’re not nearly done yet?

We had acquired the artifact finally. Before traipsing all over creation with it I had the bright idea that we might want to conceal it’s presence so everyone and their brother wouldn’t know we were toting around a god-awful world destroying piece of hardware. The others agreed. But what were we going to put it in?
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