At Brewcore

The next morning, the Beer Baron had laid a fine spread for breakfast.  Finn did not come down for breakfast.  The others enjoyed the proffered fare in preparation for their journey to Nestoria to consult Farkaya the sage.  While they were eating, the Beer Baron’s steward appeared assisting a middle aged dwarven woman, who was wounded and burned.  The woman said that the crew in the brewery was attacked by something small and fast, and that one of the boilers exploded.

Hearing that there was damage to the equipment, Tevek ran off the make repairs.  The others questioned the woman.  She said that she had never seen them before, but that they were all teeth, though they also grabbed tools and such as weapons.  The Beer Baron asked for the team’s assistance in light of his guard shortage.  They were happy to oblige, but first Se’Lak used Healing Touch to help the woman.

In the Brewery

Se’Lak and Thorin followed to assist the people.  They caught up to Tevek, who had stopped to wait for them where he encountered Keg-E.  The brewery date was a massive operation, with subterranean silos holding tons of grains and hops. One side of the entry hall was lined with heavy steam pipes, while the opposite wall was covered with a mosaic of elven runes and sigils glowing with mystic light. There was a trail of blood left that they followed.

Tevek activated Burning Shield and was engulfed in flame, while Thorin stealthily followed the trail. Se’Lak shrugged and followed Thorin.  Tevek extinguished himself and did likewise.  Inside the mill room beyond, Thorin spied six, short, black-skinned humanoids with lots of teeth, attacking the equipment.  Se’Lak cast Hand of Fate.  

Thorin charged in and hit one with his axe.  The creatures all turned toward him, and Thorin noted that they had no eyes.  Se’Lak advanced and hit one with an Arcane Blast.  Tevek also advanced and hit the same one with an Arcane Blast.  The creature expanded, then contracted, and then disintegrated into a spark and disappeared down the other end of the passage, igniting the grain dust in the air.  That caused another to explode and disappear down the passage as a spark.  Thornin was caught in blasts.  The remaining ones mobbed Se’Lak and Thorin.  Thorin was bitten.  Se’Lak was twice.  One teleported behind him.

Thorin struck another creature and incapacitated an arm.  Se’Lak hit another with an Arcane Blast and put his guard up.  Tevek hit that one again with an Arcane Blast.  Thorin was bitten savagely.  Se’Lak was also bitten.

Thorin slew another beast with a mighty blow.  Se’Lak Arcane Blasted again, and then Tevek Arcane Blasted and destroyed it and then destroyed the one on Thorin.  The remaining monster attacked Tevek and then teleported past the others and ran away.  Tevek and Se’Lak both hit it with Arcane Blasts before it ran off.  They realized that the creatures were called Hellions, remnants of the Chaos Wars, and the sparks went back to an alpha nearby.

Once in the clear, Se’Lak cast Revival on Thorin, which split to Tevek, and then Healing Touch on himself.  Then Thorin took the lead, followed by Tevek, with the still wounded Se’Lak in the rear.  Keg-E was keeping his distance.  Thorin tracked the last Hellion into the wash room, which was dominated by two large vats.  As Thorin stepped in, he tripped some wires, spilling smaller vats containing acid in front of them.  Thorin and Tevek were burned.  A pool of the acid blocked their path.  Thorin climb over the pool to some empty kegs against the wall, where he spied a hellion behind a barrel.  Another appeared on the other side of the room.

Se’Lak Arcane Blasted the Hellion on Thorin, then Thorin destroyed it.  As the spark flew down the opposite passage, it dropped some bottles containing acid, that started eating away at the kegs.  The other hellion threw a bottle of acid at Tevek, which also splashed on Se’Lak.  Then two more hellions appeared.  Tevek noted the tap at the bottom of the large vats and considered how to spill the acid on the hellions.  He shot an Arcane Blast at it,  but it did not open.

Se’Lak hit the nearest hellion with an Arcane Blast, and it ducked for cover.   Thorin grabbed a vial of acid and threw it at the newcomers.  Both were coated with acid and disintegrated.  The last hellion dropped the vial and disintegrated himself.

They took a some time to recover, and then flushed the room to wash away the acid, as Finn ran down the hall to join them.

The Team:

  • Se’Lak Ambereye, Saurian Mage (Healing & Fate) Archaeologist – Joab
  • Thorin Palidino, Dwarf Warrior (Axes, Weapon & Shield, and Thrown weapons) – Stewart
  • Tevek Ironclaw, Saurian Mage (Fire & Power), interested in technology – Daniel
  • Finn, Human Rogue Scout, keeps to himself – Paul