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October 2015

The Rituals of Choice Session 1 – October 28, 2015

The Scene

The party had been adopted by the House Marshell several years ago.  House Marshell was not one of the eight big adventuring houses in Questhaven, but they were famous for their achievements in the War of the Shifting Shore, so the house was prestigous, but not very wealthy.
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Sturm’s Log Session 13: 10/25/2015

In the Labyrinth

The section of the Labyrinth they found themselves resembled forest and was covered with something like kudzu.  Uther touched a nearby door and learned that the world was called Basta, but something there caused him to recommend a different door.  Jane tried another door.  That world was also named Basta, but also did not appear to be hospitible.  Calais mentioned that this world was not here the last time he came to the labyrinth.  
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Dresden Files Session Notes: October 22, 2015

February 6, 2008

At the Diner

Walter asked if anyone knew a private investigator suitable for tailing a teenager.  Neither Kyna or Ely knew of one.  Just then, Ely noticed a gold Cadillac with gold tinted windows outside the diner.  Kyna and Walter realized that such a vehicle would be ideal for light sensitive types, such as a Black Court vampire. As it was nearly dark, Ely suggested that they might have a visitor shortly.
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Uther Diary #12

Personal Log

OK. That last little bit isn’t quite true. We’re on the Grand Stair, on which time flow is known to be constant. Except that we’re in the Labyrinth, which means all bets are off. Maybe.  Our plan is still on track, wonder of wonders considering the side tracking we’ve been doing in it’s pursuit.  
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