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November 2015

Mars 11/24/2016


At the Oasis

The rescued women were leery of Velati. One of them seemed to warm up to Craven, but both of them swooned for the attractive English gentleman. Velati translated and they told their rescuers that they had been abducted from Bejestan. Their father would be grateful and reward their rescuers for their safe return.
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Uther’s Diary #14

Personal Log

I am now living a Chinese curse. Times have gotten interesting.
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The Rituals of Choice Session 4 – November 18, 2015

Defending the Lady

The group yielded the road and the party passed by. A woman on horseback came running over the next hill. Then something leapt onto the horse’s neck and it fell dead. The creature was about the size of a horse with feathers, with a rune on its head that Cham recognized as the rune for Hunt. Bazyl knew that a rune animal was blessed by the pantheon.
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Dresden Files Session Notes: November 12, 2015

February 6, 2008

At Huggy Bear’s Vintage Clothing

She examined that balcony and found a raven feather. It occurred to her that it might have been a harpy, a flying fey that was half woman and half bird. She also knew that some harpies were also witches. Walter suspected the goth girl.
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The Rituals of Choice Session 3 – November 11, 2015

In Camp

On the second watch, Ezzerkash saw halfling-sized, fin-backed saber-tooth creatures ripped an eye out of Brynjar, Zewthra and Vethkar.  The others woke up.  Ezzerkash bit the one attacking Brynjar.  Cham missed her attack.  The creature started to run off with Brynjar’s eye, and Ezzerkash killed it.  He collected Brynjar’s eye.  Another tried to dig out Zewthra’s other eye.  She cast an incantation and fire burst forth from it eyes and mouth and collapsed in a husk.  The third creature ripped out Vethkar’s other eye.  Brynjar cried out in pain.  Bazyl attempted to pull the creature off Vethkar, but failed.  Oobleck cast Club and hit the last one.  Slimy slammed it as well.
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Mars 11/10/2016

The Mission

March 13, 1915 – Karachi 0800

Captain Philip Harrison Craven, pilot, and Sir Lyton Niven, expert infiltrator and acquisition specialist, were summoned to the British Imperial Army headquarters near Karachi for a mission briefing.  Reginald Smyth-Wilson, the Army Intelligence Liaison, ushered them into the map room. 
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Sturm’s Log Session 14: 11/8/2015

On Shadowlight

On the other side of the door, their vision dimmed and went red… a blood-colored red. There was something strange happening around them, as if the very stuff of reality itself had been torn and was rebelling in pain. They got a sense of being drawn, more powerful than they could resist, and suddenly they realized they were somewhere else. They could hear a din of many voices, but all they could see was that deep red.
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Uther’s Diary #13

Personal Log


The moment passed and I was back to dealing with the real world, or what passes for the real world in the Labyrinth. At the moment that was kudzu. I had heard about invasive plant species on some of the gossamer worlds, but I never expected to find it on the Grand Stair itself. Of course we were in the Labyrinth now, a place where I had always been warned to expect the unexpected. At least if we had to run from it it didn’t look like we’d need to sprint.  
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The Rituals of Choice Session 2 – November 4, 2015

At Plunging Stream Manor

Cham asked about the Taurian boy that Zewthra was alleged to have killed.  She was found standing over his body.  The boy had been marked by a rune of divine blessing.
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