In the Brewery

As they were clearing away the acid, a small boy emerged from behind the vats and told them that there was another one in Well 6 that was bigger than the Saurians.  Keg-E was alarmed because Well 6 was where the most recent ale was just decanted.  Keg-E offered to lead them to Well 6.

Following Keg-E, they proceeded to Well 6.  Just short of the entrance, which was slightly ajar, they stopped.  Finn sneaked up to reconnoiter.  He heard gurgling laughter from something big within.  Using  a mirror, he peered into the room.  He saw a large, ugly creature that seemed to pulse with energy.  It was laying on the steps leading up to a large vat, from which it drank with a bucket.  He reported back to the others.

Tevek worked on jury-rigging one of the blaster pistols with a full battery to overload while Finn kept watch.  After a few minutes, he handed the improvised bomb to Finn.  He threw it, but missed the creature as it raised the bucket to drink.  Thorin advanced to engage the creature.  Tevek advanced and fired and Arcane Blast, but missed.  Se’Lak advanced and hit squarely with an Arcane Blast. The creature advanced and hit Thorin.

Finn retreated to a shooting position and shot an arrow into the monster.  Tevek moved up and Arcane Blasted again, the monster dropped the bucket, staggered, fell, and disappeared in a puff of smoke.  Tevek immediately set to repairing the damage and patched it up quickly.  Then he took the bucket as a trophy.

On the way back to the Beer Baron, Se’Lak searched for a point of entry, but did not find one.  Finn returned to the library, while Tevek considered a device that could collect released energy.

At Brewcore

On their return, Finn spun a tall tale of a desperate battle.  Keg-E proclaimed that they had saved the next batch.  The Beer Baron arranged for baths and healing for them, followed by a victory celebration dinner, and 5 gold each.

The next morning, they left for Nestoria.

The Team:

  • Se’Lak Ambereye, Saurian Mage (Healing & Fate) Archaeologist – Joab
  • Thorin Palidino, Dwarf Warrior (Axes, Weapon & Shield, and Thrown weapons) – Stewart
  • Tevek Ironclaw, Saurian Mage (Fire & Power), interested in technology – Daniel
  • Finn, Human Rogue Scout, keeps to himself – Paul