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January 2016

Sturm’s Log Session 16: 1/31/2016

On Shatterlight

The team paid their respects to Vala.  Uther asked if she had any advice for the chosen. Vala replied that Wayfinding would be important as the team would likely be sent on individual tasks along the journey.  Baudemagus would likely wait at Shatterlight, but would be present on Finastere when they arrived there.  She would keep Baudemagus under her protection until after the team spoke with Drake.  Vala mentioned that the Dwimmerlaik attacked the Last Walk procession the last time the journey was made. It would probably be worse this time because the war ended as a result of the last time.
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Uther Diary #15

Personal Log,

With Cyra’s help I go to visit my Uncle Cedric, surprising him as I suddenly materialize on his desk in front him. I apologize for my unorthodox means of arrival, offering my lack of an Icon of him by way of explanation. Without further ado he fixes that deficiency on my part. We then settle down a rather more orthodox conversation.  
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Dresden Files Session Notes: January 28, 2016

February 9, 2008

The Sleep Study

Zoe punched the entity, which was distracted by Ely’s hat. The entity raised an arm to block, and it broke. Kyna grabbed the entity and released her cold energy. It shimmered for a moment, and then it’s chest became solid. The entity slashed Kyna again. Walter realized that the blue was some kind of shield. Ely moved in and caught its attention. Brandon walked around the bed, slapped the entity in the butt, went into the bathroom, and closed the door. The solid chest turned blue.
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Rippers: Death in Dartmoor January 19, 2016

The Current Hypothesis

The boot prints outside the study window at Hethercombe Manor that were leaving were deliberately made on top of the prints that were left on arrival. Were there two intruders? Did a barefoot intruder break in through the intact window, transform into a werewolf once inside, kill Lord Cotterill, and flee through the broken window, followed some time later by the booted intruder, who snuck in concealing footprints, entered through broken window, robbed the safe and left? Continue reading “Rippers: Death in Dartmoor January 19, 2016”

The Apprentice

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The Sorceress

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The Surgeon

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The Admiral

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