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February 2016

Rippers: Death in Dartmoor February 23, 2016

 Returning to Hethercombe

The already grey, overcast day was turning even more unpleasant.  Jacobs recommended departing for the manor in order to reach it before dark.  The investigators agreed and proceeded in the coach with Jacobs driving.
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Sturm’s Log Session 17: 2/21/2016

On Stratospheria

Falling through the floor of the back office on New Arbanes, they found themselves inside a large glass globe hanging below an enormous structure floating in the sky.  Lady Kitabu regained consciousness.  She realized that she was free and kissed Mina.  Sturm released her.  Uther presented the chest.  She put her hand on it, but nothing happened.  She said that Prince Calias had trapped her, and he had hired the Raven Legion to stop the tram.
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Uther Diary #16

Personal Log

Tsianan oshtra

That’s her name. The dead woman. The one who got us involved in this whole affair. In Gossamer Lord Politics. In possibly trying to head off another war before it happens. In attempting to discover the identity of a traitor among the Gossamer Lords themselves, if there in fact is one. In setting us up as Targets. In taking the Last Walk.   Continue reading “Uther Diary #16”

The Rituals of Choice Session 10 – February 17, 2016

Back in Far Rough

Returning to town the next day, the party was hailed as heroes, even though the villain got away and all the Catchpoles were dead, for killing the murderer (the Grave Talon). The Grimlock finished their business in Far Rough and went on to negotiate elsewhere. The Nightwalker and Rosie were visited by three women and they have not been seen since. Neverhold was seen in town asking about the destination of the Grimlocks and a Crystal Fold.
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Major Demon

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Minor Demon

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The Chaplain


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The Rituals of Choice Session 9 – February 10, 2016

In the Cave

Ezzerkash examined the Grave Talon. It stood and attacked. It had a different rune mark from Solange. It was the same as the one on Neverhold’s staff. Then Oobleck heard chanting from the ledge Solange had leapt from. A hex appeared over his head. It was the Hex of the Bullseye. Neverhold’s ostrich was actually a Grave Talon. It hit Ezzerkash and he went down. Continue reading “The Rituals of Choice Session 9 – February 10, 2016”

Mars February 9, 2016

 In the Tomb

Craven was still fiddling with the console when Niven felt moving air coming from the remaining door.  He grabbed Craven and let him down the passage and through the door.  When they entered the chamber, metal doors at the other end slid silently into the side walls, revealing a short, open-topped passage ending a rocky outcropping. The air was hot, dry, and thin. There were no clouds. The sky was pink, and there was a large moon before them. Continue reading “Mars February 9, 2016”

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