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March 2016

Mars March 29, 2016

 Attack in the Night

In the evening, as the sun was setting and they arrived at a suitable camping spot, they discovered the bodies of four red women.  Craven determined that they had been attacked by green men.  They buried the corpses and made camp.  Again the night was quiet. Continue reading “Mars March 29, 2016”


The Rituals of Choice Session 13 – March 23, 2016

The Camp

The Littorians were beset by a dragon. One of their artists had drawn a picture of it. They learned it was an Umbral Dragon, a sleek dark dragon that moved with disturbing serpentine grace, who eyes were like burning embers.
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An Old Man’s Request: March 21, 2016


Westland, NY, Thursday, July 18, 1929

At the Kovacs House

Eric and Otis found the book taped inside the center drawer underneath the desktop.  After perusing the book, Eric told the others that it appeared that they were not the only people involved in this kind of investigation. He noticed that the book was dated 1923 while Kovacs had disappeared in 1915. Continue reading “An Old Man’s Request: March 21, 2016”

The Rituals of Choice Session 12 – March 16, 2016

A Just Execution?

They crossed the tall grass on the other side for several hours until they came upon two dead lion men and a large humanoid wearing nothing but pants sleeping nearby. A huge glaive stained with blood lay nearby. Brynjar knew it was a rune reaver, a being bent on the destruction of all magic. There was a 5000 gp bounty for its head.  

Brynjar delivered a coup de grace to the rune weaver and cut its head off. The glaive did not radiate any magic. Basil put the head in a waterproof bag and they put it and the glaive on the mule.
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Mars March 15, 2016

 Through the Green Wastes

They rode through the vast sandy openness of the region, known as the Green Wastes as only the green men could survive for long there, for rest of the day.  Niven noted that the “sand” was not the same as Earth sand.  It was more akin to powdered volcanic stone, but reddish in color.
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An Old Man’s Request: March 14, 2016

Westland, NY, Thursday, July 18, 1929


Pursing Leads

The team separated to pursue separate lines of inquiry.  Eric suggested that they meet at the Kovacs house on the west side of the village that evening to compare notes.  Professor Kovacs had disappeared some fifteen years ago.  The Kovacs house was maintained by the university awaiting his return.  They met up again around midnight to compare notes. Continue reading “An Old Man’s Request: March 14, 2016”

My Frostgrave Warband

The Necromancer

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Rippers: Death in Dartmoor March 8, 2016

 At the Asylum

Sir Jonathan found a diary with an appointment in two day’s time for “Lady Henrietta, London, 7:30 p.m.”  In the safe, Stone found various papers and letters spelling out the plot to acquire Lord Cotterill’s latest weapon designs by any means and return them to Germany, where they will be transferred to Transylvania and handed over to the “Master of Night.” Continue reading “Rippers: Death in Dartmoor March 8, 2016”

An Old Man’s Request: March 7, 2016

Westland, NY, Thursday, July 18, 1929

A Gathering of Strangers

Eric Rarsch, Samuel Blood, Otis O’Leary, and Frank “Mookie” Grant were very different people.  They were all called to the hospital bedside of Jason Longborough, an elderly trustee of Reister who was succumbing to cancer.
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