In the Dream

Ezzerkash shot his breath weapon at Neverhold. He hit. The rope reached out around his neck and pulled him closer to her. Ezzerkash was able to hold his breath.

Ezzerkash was entangled. An orc smacked into Brynjar’s armor. Another killed Oobleck’s spider and then advanced on Basil. Oobleck was hit. The confused orc healed itself.  

Neverhold attacked Ezzerkash, but could not hurt him. Ezzerkash hit with a electrically infused bite. Cham hit the orc on Basil and killed it. Basil attacked the orc on OoblecK and killed it. Slimy smacked that orc on Brynjar. Oobleck through a sling stone at the disoriented orc, but missed.

Neverhold hurt Ezzerkash. An orc hit Brynjar. Ezzerkash clawed Neverhold. Cham attacked the orc fighting Brynjar. Brynjar fell unconscious and found himself with Neverhold and Ezzerkash. He attacked Neverhold but missed. Basil fell unconscious and found himself with Brynjar and Ezzerkash. He advanced to attack. Oobleck shot a sling bullet at the orc fighting Cham and killed it. Slimy charged toward the last orc.

Neverhold attacked Brynjar and clawed him twice. Ezzerkash hit with a electrically infused bite and a claw. The last orc tried to run. Cham shot it and then retrieved the Arrow of Discord. Basil channeled energy to heal everyone.

Basil detected magic and the party detected more magic than normal. Oobleck figured out that everyone had a aura of the same moderate power level that was illusory and mind affecting.

Back to the Manor

Oobleck suggested to go back to the manor and asked Zewthra about dream magic. After the twenty minute walk, they arrived. She said that it had been the residual effects of a dream spell that had been cast upon them, probably from a Somnomaster. Oobleck found some beans that brewed into a stimulant beverage. Cham had heard of a half-orc shaman who went about in a harpy eagle costume called Bessik Cur, who was a Somnomancer.

A Mule Named Jack

They elected to continue in their pursuit of Neverhold. They discovered a mule dragging something following them. Oobleck had noticed it on the way to the manor but did not think it was noteworthy. Cham and Oobleck approached the mule and noticed a tag that said “Jack.” Inside the pack was a longsword with the hex mark that the evil grave talon had. Basil detected magic on it. Oobleck determined that the sword enhanced combat maneuvers.  The mule also radiated magic. Oobleck determined that mule radiated transmutation magic. 

The Girl in the Chasm

The party loaded the mule up with their supplies and continued to the north into the central plains. There was a mound in the distance. A great chasm lay before them, but a tree had fallen across it. As they crossed, they heard a female child screaming from the chasm. Cam and Oobleck discovered a rope ladder descending from the far side.
Ezzerkash glided down into the chasm toward the cries. The others climbed down. They found a woman crushed beneath some boulders and a blind child with her legs crushed. Basil cast detect magic. The girl detected As mildly magical, and knew Cham’s name. Her name was Gwendolyn. She said that she and some women had been walking in the chasm when the rocks fell. Oobleck knew of the girl, who was an orphan that was being trained in pottery and to be a midwife.

Together, they dug the girl out. Basil healed her wounds, but her legs would take time to heal. He splinted her legs.

Chasms and Cat Men

They climbed up to the top and continued on to a river, where there was a catfolk running a ferry. Four lumberjacks were there torturing a captured goblin. As they approached, they could see that the ferry was about to make its last run of the day.

Ezzerkash breathed electricity and killed all five. Then they boarded the ferry and crossed the river. Eventually they came upon another chasm, but there was only a rope bridge. The mule would not be able to cross it. Oobleck knew that there was a route around the chasm that would take a day’s delay. They elected to abandon the mule, who started walking around the chasm. Ezzerkash carried the girl.

Brynjar stepped onto the bridge and large bell began to ring. A lion man appeared from the grass on the other side. Brynjar kept walking. The lion man started across on the other side and assisted that he cross first. Brynjar allowed him to pass.  The lion man crossed and moved on. Brynjar crossed to the other side. 

Cham started across. Another lion man appeared and demanded to cross first. She let him pass and crossed. Basil started across and backed up when the next lion man appeared. He started out again and another appeared. Cham disabled the bell and the rest crossed.

A Just Execution?

They crossed the tall grass on the other side for several hours until they came upon two dead lion men and a large humanoid wearing nothing but pants sleeping nearby. A huge glaive stained with blood lay nearby. Brynjar knew it was a rune reaver, a being bent on the destruction of all magic. There was a 5000 gp bounty for its head.  

Brynjar delivered a coup de grace to the rune weaver and cut its head off. The glaive did not radiate any magic. Basil put the head in a waterproof bag and they put it and the glaive on the mule.