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April 2016

Rituals of Choice Session 17 – 4/27/2016

They followed the tunnel to the wine cellar. In there, they found another creature made tunnel and a flight of stairs going up. In the tunnel, there were tracks resembling a clawed elephant.
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An Old Man’s Request: April 25, 2016

Xu Wu

Westland, NY, Friday, July 19, 1929

At the Exotic Tea and Spice Shop

Jack Barnes at the Tikhoosue Club had suggested speaking to Sue Wu at the Exotic Tea and Spice shop behind the China Palace restaurant.  The four found their way to the restaurant, which was on the lake near the mouth of the Wooley River and the train station.  They entered the restaurant and the waitress directed them to the shop around the back. Continue reading “An Old Man’s Request: April 25, 2016”

Sturm’s Log Session 19: 4/24/2016

At the Academy

Cyra, Mena, Mindel and Uther were possessed by the spell eaters.  Jane knocked Cyra out.  William used Eidolon to restore Mena.  Mindel gouged Williams eyes.  Uther activated his shotgun and shot a destructive damage plasma shell at William.  Sturm destabilized the reality of the spell eaters and cleared the room, except the ones possessing Mindel, Cyra and Uther. The one jumped from Cyra to William.  Mena perfected Wiliam back to normal health and destroyed the spell eater.  Mindel attacked Mena.
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Uther Diary #18

Personal Log,

Something had been nagging at me for a while, and after returning to the haven area of Nexopolis from the hell-blasted ruins of a once thriving world I decided to broach the subject with the others.
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Rituals of Choice Session 16 – 4/20/2016

Ezzerkash passed through the mirror. Beyond was a large chamber. Immediately before the mirror was a well. On one side of the the chamber was a large burrow coming into the room. The party could not identify what had made it. Iron supports reinforced the walls of the chamber. There was a door to one side of the mirror wall that was ajar.
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The Rituals of Choice Session 15 – April 13, 2016

The Ossuary

After three days in the carriage, it pulled into a postern gate leading to the keep and into carriage house. Ezzerkash was no longer slowed. They had exited the storm. Ezzerkash took flight.
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Mars April 12, 2016


 Fight in the Ravine

Ruhkgar directed the captives to flee and then killed the other.   He, Niven and the archers followed shortly thereafter.  Kallor killed the last warrior that had attacked them on the top, but more were coming.  Several were climbing the path from the riverbed, more were slaughtering the approaching captives, who others had almost climbed to the top.
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An Old Man’s Request: April 11, 2016

513_872_A-cellWestland, NY, Friday, July 19, 1929

At the Library

Feldman led Eric and Otis down a hallway deeper within the Restricted Collection vault to a small room containing a table and two chairs.  He explained that they must not touch or write in the books, and that he would inspect any notes that they made before they left. Continue reading “An Old Man’s Request: April 11, 2016”

The Rituals of Choice Session 14 – April 6, 2016

The Crystal Fold

The party was led to a chamber where a geometric crystal shape floated above a pedestal. The guardian deactivated the illusion and opened the pedestal, but the Crystal Fold was not there. The guardian was dumbfounded and implored the party to find it. The last time the Crystal Fold was actually seen was about 50 years ago. The feradin were charged with protecting it. The delver’s rod determined that the feradin were now in possession of it. They suspected that the one who had opened the door for them may have taken it and given it to the Nameless Baroness.
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