The Crystal Fold

The party was led to a chamber where a geometric crystal shape floated above a pedestal. The guardian deactivated the illusion and opened the pedestal, but the Crystal Fold was not there. The guardian was dumbfounded and implored the party to find it. The last time the Crystal Fold was actually seen was about 50 years ago. The feradin were charged with protecting it. The delver’s rod determined that the feradin were now in possession of it. They suspected that the one who had opened the door for them may have taken it and given it to the Nameless Baroness.

They ran back out of the temple to find it snowing, which was not seasonable. The feradin said that the party was not ready to hold the Crystal Fold and that the Nameless Baroness was the only one who could keep it from them. In the distance, Ezzerkash saw Rosie disappear over a hill perhaps 12 miles away.  

Now medium sized and capable of flight, he took off after them, but the Ferradin was waiting for them. He said that the party were not ready to have the Crystal Fold, so he gave it to the Nameless Baroness.

Ezzerkash flew over and attacked the Ferradin. Cham walked toward them. The Ferradin hit Ezzerkash twice with his giant club and knocked him out. Brynjar moved up. Basil advanced and asked when the heroes would be ready. The reply was when they took it from her. Bazyl healed Ezzerkash to consciousness with Life Link.

Cham advised Ezzerkash to stay down and explained that the Ferradin was not the enemy. Brynjar was unmoved. Bazyl healed Ezzerkash some more. The Ferradin was not aggressive. Cham asked if there was anything that they needed to know. The Ferradin said that when they obtain the Crystal Fold, to take the carriage.

In Pursuit

Oobleck followed the tracks left by the Nameless Baroness and Rosie. Ezzerkash was unable to fly on account of the snow and high windows. Ezzerkash realized that it was a strange and supernatural weather pattern that was known to some as “Wizard Weather.” The Littorian tribe had migrated southward, but the party retrieved the mule and the blind girl from the Wall Guardians.  

They mentioned that they had had a skirmish with the party’s prey and faired poorly. The body of Neverhold was gone. The guardians said that they were headed to the Ossuary of Nem, a stronghold that became a church, but was now a necropolis. Cham estimated that it was a four day journey to the southwest in good weather, but would take longer in the snow.

Oobleck and Ezzerkash were accustomed to cold weather. Bazyl cast Endure Elements on himself and Bazyl. Cham shared her bedroll with the blind girl. They travelled for a day and made camp after felling a pair of bison. The skinned them for the fur and ate the meat.
On the third watch, a glowing snowflake touched Brynjar on the nose. There was a spell effect, which he determined was inaudabity. Bazyl was awakend by the sensation of having stepped on a caltrop. Ezzerkash was awakened. Oobleck was also affected by inaudability. The ground exploded beneath slimy. The mule and the girl were not affected.  
Ezzerkash realized that they were being hit by Spellflakes, an effect of wizard weather. They could be avoided by looking out for the glowing flakes. Some flakes were beneficial and some were not. The effects would last for the duration of the storm.
As it was close to dawn, Oobleck and Slimy started out early as the others would quickly catch up after sunrise. The Spellflakes continued falling. Cham was hit by an Alter Self spell and turned into a male Tiefling. Slimy was hit by one and frozen in a ten foot cube of ice. But its injuries were healed.

Cham was fatigued when she awakened. When Ezzerkash awoke, he found himself slowed dramatically, and that the others had not noticed. By the time he caught up to the others, Slimy had eaten its way out of the ice. Oobleck was hit by an Alter Self flake and turned into a human woman, and then hit by another and changed back.  

The Carriage

Up ahead, they could see a immaculate carriage that was unaffected by the storm. It radiated magic when Oobleck detected: Transmutation and Necromancy. Brynjar opened the doors and saw that it was larger inside than outside and equipped opulently. Bazyl determined that there was a portable room inside the carriage, as well as something else.
Cham crawled into the Roman Bath inside the portable room. There was no apparent means to propel the carriage. Bazyl climbed onto the driver seat and was encased in a block of ice. The party collected him and brought him to the Roman Bath. Brynjar and Oobleck climbed onto the driver’s seat. Oobleck saw a ghostly image made of snow next to him. It was Vethkar.

Vethkar was now a poltergeist out to repay his debt to the heroes as driver of the carriage. Oobleck asked him to drive the carriage to the Ossuary. As Brynjar climbed into the moving carriage, he was wrapped into a cocoon of webbing by a spellflake. They cut him loose.

After three days in the carriage, it pulled into a postern gate leading to the keep and into carriage house. Ezzerkash was no longer slowed. They had exited the storm. Ezzerkash took flight.