The Ossuary

After three days in the carriage, it pulled into a postern gate leading to the keep and into carriage house. Ezzerkash was no longer slowed. They had exited the storm. Ezzerkash took flight.

Vethkar was now a poltergeist out to repay his debt to the heroes as driver of the carriage. Oobleck asked him to drive the carriage to the Ossuary. As Brynjar climbed into the moving carriage, he was wrapped into a cocoon of webbing by a spellflake. They cut him loose.

After three days in the carriage, it pulled into a postern gate leading to the keep and into carriage house. Ezzerkash was no longer slowed. They had exited the storm. Ezzerkash took flight.

The structure was a shattered keep that had been turned into a graveyard. Most of the ground was covered in bones, the covering dirt having washed away over time. There was a thirty five foot wall around the keep and a twelve foot gate set inside it. There were six crypts immediately beyond the gate.  Cham stayed in the carriage with the mule and the blind girl. Oobleck realized that the gate was magical. Ezzerkash figured out that it was actually a bone golem that required a specific command to pass. Otherwise it would attack. Brynjar said the wrong password and it attacked him. He found himself enclosed in a cage of bones.

The Bone Golem

Bazyl realized that the bone golem was extremely durable and immune to magic. Ezzerkash bit the golem with a breath charged bite. Brynjar attempted to escape but failed. Bazyl prepared to help Brynjar escape. Oobleck cast Stone Burst and prepared his sling. Slimy slammed into the golem.

The golem failed to hit Brynjar. Instead it bit Ezzerkash and then hit him with his bone protrusion. It also hit Slimy. Ezzerkash breath charged bit it again, but missed with his claws and wings. Brynjar escaped from the cage. Bazyl absorbed some of Ezzerkash’s injuries, and then stepped away from the golem. However, it was able to hit him, so he cured himself. Oobleck hit it with a sling stone and the stone exploded on impact. Slimy failed to slam it.

The golem slammed Ezzerkash twice and encased Slimy in a bone cage. Ezzerkash missed the golem with a breath charged bite, but clawed and hit with his wings. Bazyl absorbed more of Ezzerkash’s wounds and then channeled positive energy. Oobleck cast another enchanted stone, but missed. Slimy oozed through the bars, slammed into the golem, and grappled it. Ezzerkash bit it as it was engulfed.
The golem broke free of Slimy. Bazyl failed to hit is. Ezzerkash bit, clawed, and slapped it with wings. Brynjar watched advising the others to stop fighting. Bazyl absorbed more of Ezzerkash’s injuries. Oobleck cast his last enchanted stone, which exploded on impact. Slimy missed with its slam.

The bone golem entrapped Oobleck, and then hit Ezzerkash twice. It tried to attacked Ezzerkash again and instead was hit by Slimy and Ezzerkash. Ezzerkash then clawed it. Bazyl again absorbed Ezzerkash’s injuries and assisted Oobleck in escaping. Oobleck failed to escape. The golem hit him again, but Oobleck tripped it and it fell down.  
The golem recovered. Ezzerkash took another bite, but missed. It missed him, and Oobleck was squeezed by the cage. Ezzerkash bit, clawed and wing buffetted it. Brynjar attempted to help Oobleck unsuccessfully. Bazyl again absorbed Ezzerkash’s injuries and assisted Oobleck in escaping, but Oobleck still could not get free.

The golem bit Ezzerkash hard and then slammed into him twice. Oobleck was squeezed by the bone cage. Ezzerkash bit with a breath charged bite and the golem collapsed into a pile of bones. Bazyl absorbed the others’ injuries over the next few minutes to heal them all.

The Mausoleum

Oobleck determined that the tracks were less than an hour old. Ezzerkash too flight to see if he could see the Nameless Baroness and Rosie. He could not. They followed the tracks to the door a small mausoleum. The door had been recently opened. Oobleck and Ezzerkash noticed a faint mage mark carved into the door. It was the mark of the dread lich that had ruled Questhaven. Oobleck thought it might be an entry to the Emperor’s Pathways, a labyrinth without walls that led to teleportation portals.

Ezzerkash opened the door. It opened to reveal what appeared to be a storage closet. There was a bookcase at the far end with a single book on it. A cracked standing mirror was on one side. They entered and Ezzerkash looked at the book. It was an ancient copy of Illustrations of the Protectorate. One page was earmarked. Brynjar opened the book to the page that pulled out to reveal a sketch of the Broken Course River falling down from Mount Jotunheim to the Pit of Damnation and into the Unfathomable Crevasse.

They called to Cham and had her bring the mule and their gear to the mausoleum after charging Vethkar to return the blind girl to her home. The girl told them to use the mirror, not the book.  
Oobleck examined the mirror. He determined that the mirror was one of the three gates that always appeared. That mirror would take them to the Fell Repository. It required a specific object made of silver to activate it, but he could not tell what it was.

Oobleck examined the book. It required placing it in a special place with a certain amount of whisky and speaking an incantation in giant to be transported to the location depicted.

Oobleck examined the door that they had entered through. It required a set of false teeth, closing the door and opening it from the inside, with an incantation in Common, to be transported to the guard tower at the opening to the Ruins Perilous.

Brynjar considered what the silver object might be with the assistance of the Delver’s Rod and the rest of the party. They recalled from a book they once read that they needed a silver bell to access the Seventh Fell Repository., which was the larges of thirteen treasure vaults of the Dread Lich that contained some of the most dangerous artifacts, and was protected by Fell Trustees. Each repository had its own unique Fell Trustees whose primary activity was preventing theft.

The Fell Trustees of the Seventh Fell Repository were the foundation of the Fold of the Mother’s Pride, the organization that the Nameless Baroness belonged to, known colloquially as the Monster Mafia.