Ezzerkash passed through the mirror. Beyond was a large chamber. Immediately before the mirror was a well. On one side of the the chamber was a large burrow coming into the room. The party could not identify what had made it. Iron supports reinforced the walls of the chamber. There was a door to one side of the mirror wall that was ajar.

Oobleck looked around for tracks. There were a number of amorphous footprints, such as oozes, as well as humanoid footprints. Child sized prints came out of the open door and led out through the tunnel very recently. Something fell from the ceiling of the tunnel, indicating that the burrow was also recent.

At the far end of the room there were two levels. There was an iron spiral staircase joined the two levels. There was a tower in the center composed of brass plates bearing runes or images of brass dragons. There were some missing plates, indicating that the tower was either damaged or incomplete.

Bazyl cast Detect Magic. The tower radiated diminishing magic. Several of the other doors also radiated diminishing magic. The three portals radiated strong magic. Brynjar determined that the diminished doors radiated abjuration. The portals radiated conjuration and teleportation. The portal door also radiated abjurations. There was a real door there as well.

The doors were confining something, and one had escaped. Cham made a perfect copy of the footprint, which was able to reproduce the image of a female preteen dark elf.
Ezzerkash observed the burrow. He saw nothing of note within his vision other than it headed upward. Bazyl And Brynjar went through the door that was ajar into the solitary confinement chamber. The walls and floor were bare. There was an archway to the next chamber. They investigated the archway.

A wraith emerged from the floor, attacked Bazyl, and then faded back into the floor. Brynjar cried out in surprise.

Oobleck, Slimy, Ezzerkash and Cham ran toward the noise. Cham entered the room. The wraith reemerged and attacked Bazyl again. He backed up and prepared positive energy.
Oobleck cast Magic Stone. Slimy advanced to where the wraith had appeared. Ezzerkash readied his breath weapon. Cham recalled that wraiths were resistant to positive energy and vulnerable to sunlight. Humanoids slain by a wraith become weaker wraiths. The wraith appeared next to Bazyl. Ezzerkash breathed on the wraith and Slimy. Slimy divided and the wraith was injured. Bazyl released the positive energy. The wraith attacked Bazyl but did not harm him again. Bazyl left the room. Brynjar noticed another open door in the chamber on the other side of the archway.

Oobleck readied his sling. The oozes split up. Cham healed Bazyl. Ezzerkash joined Brynjar. The wraith attacked Byrnjar, but missed. Brynjar readied to attack. Bazyl enchanted Cham’s sword. Cham advanced. Ezzerkash readied his breath.

The wraith appeared next to Oobleck. He hit with a magic stone. Cham shot the wraith with an enchanted arrow. The wraith attacked Oobleck and seriously weakened him. Brynjar and Ezzerkash went through the door. The chamber was just as stark as the other, but contained a pedestal with a purple-green crystal glowing on top of it. In one corner was another pedestal with footprints that matched Cham’s new feet in it. Brynjar noticed that there was a small pile of dust in front of the pedestal. Bazyl moved up to the door and looked inside.

Oobleck left the room through the door where Bazyl stood, followed by the oozes.

Cham followed Brynjar and Ezzerkash. The wraith attacked Slimy. Brynjar cast Detect Magic. The pedestal, the crystal, the door and the column all radiated. Ezzerkash touched the crystal and was hurt.

Slimy recombined. Oobleck readied another sling bullet. Cham read some runes and chastized Ezzerkash. Brynjar continued detecting. There were two auras around the pedestal, two around the crystal, and one around the column. Ezzerkash flew out if the room, around the corner, and flew into the other door. The wraith attacked him as he passed by. Oobleck hit it with his magic stone. The wraith seriously hurt Ezzerkash.

Bazyl channeled positive energy and wounded the wraith. Brynjar continued his detection. He did not recognize the column. The pillar radiated abjuration and necromancy. He could not identify the crystal. Oobleck shot his final magic stone and hit the wraith hard. It disappeared. Ezzerkash readied his breath weapon.

Bazyl looked into the well. There was no water. Cham fled the chamber. The wraith hit her as she passed through the other door. Ezzerkash hit it with his breath weapon. Brynjar fled the chamber. The wraith was blocking the opposite door. He hit it with a Scorching Ray. Oobleck cast Magic Stone and readied his sling.  
Bazyl healed Cham. Ezzerkash retreated. The wraith attacked Byrnjar. He arcane parried it. Cham readied an arrow. Brynjar left the room.

Brynjar concurred with Ezzerkash that the Nameless Baroness arrived from the gate. Shortly after her arrival, something burst through into the Fell Repository. Apparently they had opened one door, someone released the small drow child, and then touched the crystal and was turned into a wraith.

Oobleck used the Mortar of Revelation to divine where the Nameless Baroness went. It indicated the burrow. The party followed the burrow. It ended in a wine cellar. Cham helped herself. They were in the basement of a house.