They followed the tunnel to the wine cellar. In there, they found another creature made tunnel and a flight of stairs going up. In the tunnel, there were tracks resembling a clawed elephant.

The party was pretty beat up, and reasoned that if they camped there, they would likely encounter something that they were not prepared to deal with. They elected to go up the stairs, but the door was locked from the outside. Slimy melted the door with its acid. Beyond the door, stood two orc warriors on guard. They were facing the other way.

Ezzerkash pounced over Slimy and bit one with a breath empowered bite. Cham shot an Arrow of Discord at the other orc, but it bounced off and broke. Slimy slammed the other one and engulfed him. Oobleck hit the one Ezzerkash attacked with a sling stone. The orc escaped from Slimy and hit it and it divided. The other missed Ezzerkash. Brynjar threw a dart toward Slimy’s opponent. Bazyl foraged for wine bottles.

Ezzerkash bit and clawed his target and killed the orc. Cham missed. The Slimies attacked the remaining orc. One hit. Oobleck hit with a sling bullet. The orc attacked Ezzerkash, but missed. Brynjar threw another dart and killed it.
Beyond the door was an alley. It dead-ended in one direction, and the other opened up to a market. Oobleck found tracks from the escaped Drow. Brynjar searched the bodies, and then Slimy consumed them. Among the belongings, he found 248gp, six potions and two gold necklaces with strange writing on them. Brynjar recognized the language as from the Land of the Rajahs translated as “Blood of the Mother’s Fold.”

On top of the wine cellar was to a boarded up manor house. There was a servants entrance in the alley. They used the planking to board up the cellar door and occupied the house for the night. The house appeared to be have been unoccupied for a long time. There was a courtyard behind the house. Most of the rooms were empty, however, the kitchen was cleaned and the pantry was well stocked. The front door was open and unlocked. They closed and locked the door, and then rested for the night.

In the morning, Oobleck cast Bear’s Endurance on Cham, Ezzerkash, and himself to improve their resistance to the venom. They would recover after another day.
Ezzerkash heard a noise upstairs. Cham heard it as well. It sounded like footsteps in the bedroom above them. Ezzerkash suggested that whoever it was entered through a window since they locked the door. Ezzerkash, Cham and Bazyl went upstairs to investigate. They found that the window was not boarded over. They surmised that whoever was there was scared off. Ezzerkash found small, childlike prints that resembled those of the Drow child. Cham changed shape to expose that it had in fact been the Drow child.

They rested for another day. The Drow child did not return. They spied a magic vendor in the market. They sold the orcs’ equipment in the market. They discovered that they had teleported to Questhaven.

While selling the excess gear, Cham, Ezzerkash and Oobleck saw a customer bump into a table, under which was the Drow child. The tablecloth, followed by the customer and the shopkeeper all burst into flame. Cham and Ezzerkash pursued the child. Oobleck looked into putting out the fire. Brynjar and Bazyl missed it all.

The child ran into a woman carrying bread, who suddenly floated ten feet off the ground. Oobleck realized that the fire was caused by some kind of curse. Brynjar grabbed a tapestry and smothered the shopkeeper to put out the flames. Cham caught up to the little girl. She screamed in a language Cham did not recognize. She was terrified. Cham grabbed hold of her and Cham changed involuntarily In excruciating pain. Bazyl created water to extinguish the fire. Ezzerkash pounced on the girl. He then made a roar and Cone of Sound burst forth.

The child escaped from Ezzerkash and ran back toward the burning shop. The woman floated higher. Oobleck further engulfed himself in flame. Brynjar attempted to grab the girl, but instead his weapon attacked him. Cham transformed back to her original form. Bazyl absorbed some of Oobleck’s wounds and then created water, but the orc moved out of the way. Instead it hugged him and he gain a Viewing skill. Ezzerkash flew after the child and caught her with no ill effect. He passed her off to Cham and flew to rescue the floating woman. Bazyl cast Comprehend Languages to understand the girl and attempted to calm her. He failed, but Cham maintained control of her.

Brynjar gained control of his weapon again. Cham tried to reassure her. Ezzerkash retrieved the floating lady and returned her to the ground. She floated up again, so he put her inside a building.