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May 2016

Mars May 31, 2016


The Green Men Attack

They continued on.  Shortly after mid day, as the progressed through a ravine, a group of Green man raiders charged at them mounted on war gashants.  Craven shot one off its mount and then Kallor maimed the mount.  Ruhkgar, barely functional, heroically had his war gashant kill the fallen green man.  Niven shot and wounded the next one.
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An Old Man’s Request: May 30, 2016


At the Kovacs House

Sam, Eric and Mookie returned to the Kovacs house at 3:00.  Otis was already there, and had brought coffee and sandwiches from the church, as well as an agricultural sprayer that he said was full of holy water.  They ate the repast.    Then he informed the group that he could not in good conscience take part in the ritual itself.  Otis said some prayers for their success and left the house.   Continue reading “An Old Man’s Request: May 30, 2016”

Dresden Files Session Notes: May 26, 2016

February 11, 2008

At The Investigators Office

Kyra reviewed the annulment document and agreed to its terms.  They signed the document, Smith handed the carbon copy to Kyna, and put the filing cabinets back.  When they looked up, the elf was gone.   They verified that the detective was still alive, and left and went back to the diner to talk to Grandma about Zoe’s heritage.
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Mars May 24, 2016

Cthulhu_b3c42f_5465179The Green Raiders

Ruhkgar heard the sound of something crawling in the distance.  He raised the alarm, and the sounds moved away.  The commotion had awakened Craven.  He joined Ruhkgar at the lip of the crater and saw a green man sneaking toward them.  He shot it.  Niven was awakened and shot it as well.  Ruhkgar noticed another sneaking toward them and charged it.  Another charged him.  Ruhkgar intercepted it and killed it.  Another appeared on a hill and fired a radium rifle at him.
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Mars May 17, 2016

To the Rescue

The Sardai knew of only one radium mine in the region.  It was run by a Baltan, Lord Arkon. The mine was located within the Ashghar mountain range. From there current position, it was only a three-day journey.  The Sardai were more than willing to come with them to mind their camp while the heroes rescued their tribesmen.  The heroes agreed to go to the mine.
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An Old Man’s Request: May 16, 2016

pawn shop

Westland, NY, Saturday, July 20, 1929

Before departing for the pawn shop, the investigators drank coffee.  Otis went to the church to “make some preparations of his own.”  He said that he would meet them back at the Kovacs house at noon.

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Dresden Files Session Notes: May 12, 2016

February 10, 2008

At the Investigator’s Office

Kyna interrogated the man that they had captured outside her house again.  She noticed that he was not rattled about being thrown into a wall by force.  He said that he was paid two days fees and the client would come back to collect his report the next day.  The client was six foot five, 240 pounds, and looked like a linebacker.  Walter transformed in order to intimidate him, but he was not impressed.  Kyna asked if the client was a practitioner.  He said said he did not think so, but didn’t check.  He thought he was a personal trainer.
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Rituals of Choice Session 18 – 5/11/2016

In the Marketplace

Ezzerkash calmed the little Drow girl. She seemed aware of where she was, but only Bazyl could understand her via Comprehend Languages. Cham bought her some food. Then, a small group of Questors who had been on guard, approached and asked what had happened. They had been summoned to deal with a commotion. Brynjar told them that the party had dealt with the trouble.
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Agents of Oblivion:  Operation Hardwire 20160510

The Briefing

The race to map known species of living organisms from around the world has been very close with no real dominant force since the mid-nineties. Many different and ingenious technological advancements have been developed over the last fifteen years, including a giant leap forward in the development of virtual reality dynamic genome mapping software and expansive algorithmic genetic theory.
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