In the Marketplace

Ezzerkash calmed the little Drow girl. She seemed aware of where she was, but only Bazyl could understand her via Comprehend Languages. Cham bought her some food. Then, a small group of Questors who had been on guard, approached and asked what had happened. They had been summoned to deal with a commotion. Brynjar told them that the party had dealt with the trouble.

The guards asked if they had seen a paladin named Talenor Marshall. The team had been adopted by the House Marshell because the heir, Talenor, had left to join the church. Brynjar told them that they had not seen him. Then they took the Drow to their house.

At House Marshell

Gunther the guard was at the door, still as dim as ever. Eventually he let them all in. Lord Marshell was still suffering from an ancient curse from House Ashenfall where he was unable to heal anything. They saw him in his chambers. Lord Marshell spoke Undercommon, and was able to communicate with the girl. Her name was Tavan Zith.
Tavan told them that she was freed by a hag. She saw her speaking to a half-woman half-lion. She stole a satchel from a minotaur that she hid in the connecting tunnel and avoided the great digger. She never saw it, but heard it and it was huge. The hag went through the big door. She did not see the Nameless Baroness or the Crystal Fold.

Brynjar told Lord Marshell about Tavan’s ability. He was not amused, but said that Tavan could stay as a guest of the House. He said that he would be concerned that the Church of the Unseen Powers would want to study her. House Deimos would accept her as an elf. Cham said that she would want the girl cared for. Lord Marshell said that she would be a ward of House Marshell, and he would try to learn why she was imprisoned in the Fell Repository.

Bazyl said the he would like to recover the minotaur’s satchel and chase down the Nameless Baroness to recover the Crystal Fold. Lord Marshell said that they should speak to the Venture Commissar Kompeir of the First Order since they were out of their jurisdiction. They might have to fight a duel with the company assigned to the Fell Repository.

He also suggested that they to speak the Toram of the Ministry of Heaven’s Work, who was Talenor’s superior, about his son’s disappearance. Lord Marshell was going to look into who owned the house they appeared from.

At the Questor Society

They turned in the Runereaver’s head at the guild hall for 5000 gp. While there, they met with Venture Commissar Kompeir. She was a hugger. Bazyl told her that they needed permission to search the 7th Fell Repository. She told them that they needed to speak to the Company of the Coin, professional mercenaries who may have bought their post. Since they had been unable to find the Fell Repository, they were serving their term on guard duty in the Adventurer’s Quarter. Kompeir gave them a writ that would grant them permission if they could get the Company of the Coin to sign it.

The Company of the Coin

When they reported to the Watch Commander to locate the Company of the Coin, they happened to be there making their report. Bazyl asked their spokesman, a Cleric of Our Merry Traveller. The cleric was not impressed by them until they mentioned the 7th Fell Repository. Ezzerkash said that they would show the other company where it was if they signed the writ.

After reading the writ, and some discussion, the cleric agreed to sign as long as the 7th Fell Repository reverted to them upon the party’s (imminent) death. The party agreed, and the cleric signed.  Bazyl then described the route through Far Rough and the wilderness to the Ossuary of Nem, where the gate was found. They did not tell them about the entrance in Questhaven.

Inquiring About Talenor

With the writ in hand, the party then went to the Chapel of Heaven’s Work to ask about Talenor. Toram had heard about the adventure in the marketplace and was impressed with the party. He said that Talenor had gone missing a few days ago. Bazyl asked what Talenor was working on. Toram said that paladins generally worked independently. He said Talenor was hunting the Fold of the Mother’s Pride for some related to House Marshell and his childhood.

The Fold of the Mother’s Pride was a secret society of monsters hidden in the city that were opposed to the Questor Society as the Questors were always seeking to kill them. Talenor had recruited a band of like minded individuals to hunt a Lamia (Perhaps the half-woman half-lion that Tavan had described).

Bazyl asked if their investigation would cause jurisdictional issues. Toram said that he had the authority to grant them permission. He offered 2000 gp to find Talenor and either bring him back alive or bring back his body. Toram also agreed to heal them for free if they needed it. Brynjar asked if he could regenerate his missing eye. Toram said he was not able to cast that spell, but that he would petition his superiors for assistance. The church agreed to provide Restoration scrolls at cost. The Ezzerkash purchased one.

The Minotaur’s Satchel

The party then returned to the 7th Fell Repository to pursue the minotaur’s satchel. Taven told them exactly where she hid it. There was a freshly dug, burrow-like cave. Oobleck noticed that there was a boulder blocking a hidden passage. They also noticed the tracks of the large creature heading down the hidden passage.

Ezzerkash followed the girl’s footprints until he uncovered a pit beneath loose rocks. The trap would likely not support more than 100 pounds before collapsing. They crossed carefully one at a time. Beyond it the surfaces were all covered with moisture. Oobleck found Taven’s tracks and they followed them. They discovered another secret door preceding a rock fall trap.