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June 2016

Dresden Files Session Notes: June 30, 2016

February 18, 2008


At the diner, they considered their plan of action.  Kyna saw that the sewer around the theater was built in a circle, and within the various colored bricks was a magical pattern.  Ely wondered if magical things were more resistant to non-magical things.
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An Old Man’s Request: June 13, 2016

4962839-nyarWestland, NY, Saturday, July 20, 1929


Eric suggested that Arthur watch over them during the ritual, but Arthur said that with five, the original ritual resulted in two being dispatched.  All of them would be needed if they wanted to keep control of events. Continue reading “An Old Man’s Request: June 13, 2016”

Rituals of Choice Session 19 – 6/8/2016

The Minotaur’s Satchel

Ezzerkash followed the girl’s footprints until he uncovered a pit beneath loose rocks. The trap would likely not support more than 100 pounds before collapsing. They crossed carefully one at a time. Beyond it the surfaces were all covered with moisture. Oobleck found Taven’s tracks and they followed them. They discovered another secret door preceding a rock fall trap. Continue reading “Rituals of Choice Session 19 – 6/8/2016”

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