The Minotaur’s Satchel

Ezzerkash followed the girl’s footprints until he uncovered a pit beneath loose rocks. The trap would likely not support more than 100 pounds before collapsing. They crossed carefully one at a time. Beyond it the surfaces were all covered with moisture. Oobleck found Taven’s tracks and they followed them. They discovered another secret door preceding a rock fall trap.

They entered the secret door to a chamber. In the center was a pile of stone that had been crushed to fine stone as if for a large bed. Cham and Oobleck noted a piece of silver-greying plating in the dust. Cham appraoched, but Ezzerkash beat her to it. They identified it as a Bulette scale. They also found a bag buried in the dust, but awakened the Bulette. Knowing that Bulettes did not like elf flesh, Cham assumed the form of the Drow girl.

Brynjar hit it with Scorching Rays. Then Ezzerkash breathed lightning on it. The Bullette leapt at Ezzerkash and bit him hard. Slimy slammed it. Oobleck prepared a Stoneburst.
Cham backed away, hitting it with an Arrow of Discord as well. The Bulette wandered over to the far wall and attacked it. Brynjar retreated Followed by. Ezzerkash. Oobleck cast Entangle and then ran away with Slimy in tow.

Pursued by the Bulette

They fled down the corridor, but Oobleck reasoned that a cave in would not stop the Bulette. They headed for the alley and Questhaven. Then they ran for the marketplace and barely avoided a large team of mules. The Bulette barged through them in pursuit.

A pair of merchants rolled out a carpet to show a customer right. I front of them. The heroes avoided the carpet, But the Bulette crashed right through. Cham fell into a trench of sewer workers. Ezzerkash grabbed Oobleck and carried him over the trench to a high rooftop.

Brynjar climbed over a fence at the end of a dead end alley. Cham vaulted out of the trench just in front of the Bulette.

Brynjar dove into a large reflecting pool. Cham vaulted over the fence, followed by the Bulette.

A crowd of seniors blocked Brynjar’s. He cried that the Bulette was coming. The seniors took cover. Cham and the Bulette leapt over the reflecting pool.

Brynjar found his path blocked by a locked gate.  He climbed over it. By this time, the Bulette lost interest. They regrouped.

Just Reward?

Inside the bag was a letter written in the language of the Land of the Rajas. There was also a fancy sword in the bag.  Brynjar knew of this sword It had many names, but. The most famous was the elven one, translated as the Binding Blade of Doom. As a legacy item, it can only be wielded by an anointed warrior. Brynjar picked it up, and the sword accepted him.

Bazyl translated the letter. It was from Yuinthu, probably a member. Of the Monster Mafia, to the three sisters. It was instructions to break into the 7th Fell Repository using the Bulette, and then use wishes to get past the warded iron door If she did not have the Crystal Fold, which was the key. Once inside, they were to find the Ashen Vessel, and use another wish to get out.

Apparently, the hag was inside, but the Nameless Baroness failed to show up at their meeting place. Oobleck used the Mortar of Revelation to locate the key by following the Nameless Baroness’ trail. It led manor of House Larkchild, known as the Cursed House or the Mad House.