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October 2016

Murphy’s Law October 23, 2016


At the Estra Harbormaster’s Office

The Harbormaster was an overweight human in mis-matched Chinese style silks. He attempted to extort an exhorbitant fee for landing.  Bletherin negotiated a more reasonable rate with “genuine Chinese cheese.” He then asked what the Bad Wolf was looking to purchase.  Bletherin replied that being their first trip to Estra, they were looking to see what was available, but were interested in more exotic cargo.  The Harbormaster provided a map of the public areas of the station, and recommended The Exchange, which was a bar.  He also provided a schedule of shuttles to the planet. Bletherin, Grendel and Alex went to The Exchange.  Grrr and Kovak went to a strip club.
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Kingmaker October 19, 2016

In the Kobold Lair

On the return journey, Ambiorix heard the story of the kobold’s war with the mites, and it was dull. Towards sundown, they arrived at the hill containing the kobold lair. Outside the entrance was a mite imprisoned in a cage and. A sign bearing “Oak Top Silver Mine”. As they watched, a guard emerged from the lair and taunted the mite. The kobold escort spoke with the guard. Stormbolt overheard that Sootscale was the ruler of the kobolds.
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Kingmaker October 12, 2016

In Search of The Sycamore Tree

They followed the river along the eastern shore, led by the captured bandit. They travelled another full day before they spied the great tree in the distance. They made camp for the night. On the first watch, Reppa saw small creatures coming out of the base of the tree and skitter off to the South. Reppa informed Piotr and Ambiorix about them when they took up the second watch.
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Kingmaker October 6, 2016

One More Bandit

Ilya woke Wulfgar, who then work Reppa. Pyotr had lost track of the movement, but Reppa noticed a humanoid figure hiding in the darkness. It appeared to bump into a tree and Pyotr found it. It looked like another bandit.
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Murphy’s Law October 2, 2016

Going Undercover

The Alex Murphy and crew were assigned to infiltrate House Horusca undercover.  They built a cover as smugglers.  They were instructed not to repair the superficial damage to look more credible.  The ship received a new paint job and was renamed “Bad Wolf.”  
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