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December 2016

Sundered Skies December 29, 2016


Glowborn Scavenger Eliah confidently pushed through the swinging doors of the Scavenger’s Rest on Gateway.  The bartender looked up at her, and then returned to cleaning her mugs without a word.
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Kingmaker December 28, 2016

Kobold Refugees

The river was 30 yards across and smelled of sulphur. Reppa realized that the hot springs were up river. They went in that direction until nightfall and made camp.
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Kingmaker December 21, 2016

The Lost Temple of Erastil

The bear hugged Piotr. It clawed Froing and grabbed him. It bit Ilya and he went down. Reppa missed. Jeju missed. Froing channelled energy. Stormbolt missed. Piotr was unable to escape. Ambiorix missed with his crossbow.
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Kingmaker December 14, 2016

The New Companion

Pyotr the Hunter and his tiger Ilya, Ambiorix the archaeologist, Stormbolt the taninim trueblood sorceror, and Froing the cleric recovered after the mauling by the undead trapper. Reppa the druid mourned the passing of her wolf Wulfgar and prayed for a new companion.
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Murphy’s Law December 10, 2016

On Canaan

Alex landed on Clemency station and obtained permission to proceed to the planet on a beautiful day. The planet was a religiously oriented, repressed society, and the export of “horse embryos” was a necessary source of capital for the world. They were actually the product of abortion clinics, which were illegal on Canaan. 
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