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January 2017

Sundered Skies January 26, 2017

Chosen drakin sorcerer Raziel, dwarven Weaponsmaster Tarek Ambervaile, Glowborn Salvager Eliah, and elven priest Nerian had come to the Scavenger’s Rest bar on Gateway to learn about a job. Following the brawl, they took seats at the bar.
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Murphy’s Law January 22, 2017


To Estra

Bletherin charted the course from Loranis through the Dark Point to Estra. Alex monitored the sensors closely to identify any hyperspace anomalies. The jump was uneventful and there was no other ships present. They jumped again to Estra.

Jumping into the Estra system, an outbound luxury liner and some freighters were present. Alex brought the ship into dock at a leisurely, non-suspicious pace. They were on the traffic control list and were assigned to a different gate than they had used previously.

There were two male humans in grey suits waiting at the docking bay. Alex adopted a human appearance. Grrr noted that they had concealed weapons. The two were cordial and signed for the cargo. They then invited the officers to a party on the planet in two days as an extra perk to view see some new pieces of Terran art.

Shore Leave

Grrr and Kovak went back to the bar they went to previously, but there was a different crowd. Grrr tried to provoke that patrons and noted a warrior-caste Harth giving him the stink-eye. Grrr challenged him and the Harth said that he did not smell right. A crowd had taken notice, and Grrr noted Kovak starting the betting in one corner.

Grrr ordered the biggest stake available, rare, and punched the Harth in the face. They traded blows until they both had bloody noses and Grrr had some loose teeth. Then the warrior bought them both a drink and Grrr went back to the ship to get his teeth fixed.

Poking Around

Alex scanned the communications and decrypted the jargon to learn that there was a high traffic in unapproved medicinal drugs, as well as the usual recreational drugs. He also scanned the manifest of the liner that had just left for further investigation and potential blackmail purposes.

Robot Parts

Bletherin sought out outbound cargo. He found various passengers. There was were also various cargoes to be transported. There was a shipment of robot parts that was unusual. He, Grendel, and Alex looked into the robot parts.

They were being sent to Larax. It was a long run to a non-collective world that has not been space-faring very long. Grendel knew of the place as it was close to his homeworld, but it was not in Alex’s database. It was the homeworld of the planet of the catlike being they encountered previously.

Bletherin surmised that they were not actually robot parts, or it was robot parts being used for an illicit purpose. Grendel considered that, since Larax was a low-gravity world, the parts might be for exoskeletons.

Bletherin made an inquiry about taking on the shipment. The Loraxian trader said that it was for extraterrestrial mining. He said that he could provide paperwork that would pass official scruitiny. The trader proved to be a poor negotiator and Bletherin managed to get a good price, should they take the job. However, he told the trader that they had not been released from their previous cargo yet.

The Party

The crew were instructed that weapons were not permitted. They had to be left on the shuttle or checked at the door. Fights were discouraged.

As the shuttle approached, the security cameras showed that the lights were initially out, but someone came in and turned on the lights. There were some floor pieces and several things on the walls, but all were covered with drapes. Then the caterers appeared and starting set up.

Alex noted motion detectors around the room and weapon detectors around all the entrances. The guards, as well as the caterers, were all human, and all looked bored.

The shuttle was directed to a landing pad, where there were some other shuttles, as well as helicopters and aircraft, were already parked. The weather was perfect.

The room being used for the display was clearly designed for rotating displays. They were met at the door by a young, blond woman. She checked them off on her list.

Grendel was approached by another guest who discussed Heffulump genetics and snuck a DNA sample during a handshake.

Bletherin was approached Aria of House Horusca about the cargo. She left thinking that the crew had nothing to do with the double-cross.

When the art was unveiled, it turned out to be 1920’s Weimar German art. Alex scanned the pieces and compared them to the stolen art logs. Some were legitimate and some were stolen.

Grendel sought out technical types. He had a discussion about limiting the intelligence of semi-autonomous drones. Another pair were arguing about something and Grendel joined in with a third point of view.

Grrr availed himself of the buffet.

Grendel overheard Aria, while being ushered out by her minions before she passed out, that their project had been set back several months and that something should be done.

After the Party

Accommodations were provided for guests to stay overnight. Bletherin took advantage of them to enable further investigation.

Grendel went out to the garden and admired the terrestrial plants. He noted many private niches, which had concealed switches for activating noise generators to prevent conversations from being overheard.

Alex tried to hack into the internal network, but was not successful, and was detected. The countermeasures followed his program back to him and probed him. Alex shut down his avatar and alerted the rest of the crew.

At that moment, Grendel noted someone in the garden receiving a message and made her way toward the security area. She muttered something about someone trying to hack the network at every party. She was more annoyed than distressed.

Grendel ambled his way nonchalantly toward the avatar’s last location. Grrr met him there and took it back to the shuttle.

Early Awakening.

The rest of the away team slept on planet, and an alarm went off about an hour before local dawn. Alerts advised guests to stay in their rooms. Grendel noted someone running back from where the shuttles were parked. He alerted the crew.

Bletherin and Grrr ran to the shuttle. All the shuttles were fine, but one of the helicopters’ windshield had been shot into. They heard gunshots coming from the house, and then a female human limped out of the house heading toward the shuttles. Grrr went to assist her. Grendel followed with a medkit.

The woman was initially afraid of the crew, but changed her mind when she saw the medkit. Grendel diagnosed a flesh wound to her calf. Grrr suggested helping her on their shuttle, but she declined. She slipped something inconspicuously into Grendel’s pocket. Then security came and collected the woman. The crew went back to their shuttle, they noticed the guards handcuffing her.

The crew obtained proper permissions and returned to the Alex Murphy.

Chain of Command

  • Bletherin – Garlan (scaled hexapeds, with the front set of limbs equating to arms with four fingers, and
    the second and third having cloven hooves) Captain of the CEP Alex Murphy
  • Grrr (aka Snarl) – atypical Harth (furred mammals that resemble semi-anthropomorphic dogs) Head of Security on the CEP Alex Murphy
  • Alex – the CEP Alex Murphy AI
  • Grendel – Heffulump (alien with multiple tactile appendages) Engineer of the CEP Alex Murphy
  • Kovak – Human Pilot of the CEP Alex Murphy

Kingmaker January 3, 2017

frog_monster___water_colossus_by_agentscarlet-d3hteo2.jpgThe Hot Springs

The party reached the hot springs. Stormbolt went into the water, where a large frog surfaced. He shot his breath weapon on them. Reppa drew her weapon. Froing tied up the horses. The frog grappled Stormbolt with its tongue. Ambiorix readied his crossbow. Continue reading “Kingmaker January 3, 2017”

Murphy’s Law January 2, 2017

Flight to Loranis

The cargo was swapped out for non-viable embryos on New Florida, new cover cargo was loaded, and the Alex Murphy set off for Loranis. Kovak jumped the ship to the dark point.
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