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February 2017

Kingmaker February 8, 2017


After the Fight

Froing and Reppa healed the party. Froing then cast Detect Magic, but the trolls had nothing magical on them. They burned the trolls and Ambiorix’s body. Nothing was attracted by the fire.
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Murphy’s Law February 6, 2017

drakh_01Back on the Ship

Grendel removed the object from his pocket. It was a plain, generic data
transfer drive. Alex created a sandbox and loaded the drive. It was heavily encrypted and would take several hours. The rest of the crew rested.
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Kingmaker February 2, 2017


The party camped at the Frog spa, where Froing created water to wash off the lake muck and mud. Then they camped for the night without incident. Continue reading “Kingmaker February 2, 2017”

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