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April 2017

Sundered Skies April 27, 2017


Chosen drakin sorcerer Raziel, dwarven Weaponsmaster Tarek Ambervaile, Glowborn Salvager Eliah, and elven priest Nerian, having recovered the black gloves embroidered with hawks from the wreck of the Raven, returned to the Chance with the lucky charm, the Ravenwing Amulet, and four suits of potentially collectible chain mail.
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LotFP: Forgive Us 4/25/2017


The Job

Findlay Lorin, a Gong Farmer, was approached by an anonymous alderman of the city of Norwich to perform a discrete task. The alderman, who he knew as such only because that is what the man called referred to himself as, asked Lorin to break into the stronghold of the Tenebrous Hand, a criminal gang deeply entwined in the political and economic activities of the city. Continue reading “LotFP: Forgive Us 4/25/2017”

Murphy’s Law April 23, 2017

First Contact

The jungle was quite noisy. The trail split into two. They saw a veloceraptor like creature, but ran off. Then the jungle went quiet. Grendel climbed a tree. Continue reading “Murphy’s Law April 23, 2017”

Kingmaker April 19, 2017


Restoring the Cleric

Following the fight with the carrion worm, the party traveled two days through familiar territory back to the bandit camp and the night passed uneventfully there. Continue reading “Kingmaker April 19, 2017”

Murphy’s Law April 16, 2017


The crew was ordered to infiltrate the Aryan base . Headquarters recommended keeping the trader cover for now, and change cover to a private scientific expedition or private survey ship at some dark point. They took on experienced survey personnel to support the cover, altered the ship’s appeareance via the holographic paint, and changed the name to the Peter Weller. Continue reading “Murphy’s Law April 16, 2017”

Sundered Skies April 13, 2017

Chosen drakin sorcerer Raziel, dwarven Weaponsmaster Tarek Ambervaile, Glowborn Salvager Eliah, and elven priest Nerian explored the wreck of the Raven. They fought off baboons, skeletons and a puppeteer, and found what could be salvageable armor and weapons.
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Kingmaker April 12, 2017


The party spent a week at Oleg’s recovering, reequiping, and retraining. Stormbolt abandoned sorcery to hone his draconic abilities. Froing and Aeldred went back to the Restov to get new charters and escort the tanner back to measure for Stormbolt’s saddlebags. While there, they were assigned Lucee the Paladin to bolster the company.
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