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May 2017

API May 30, 2017

The Team

Klyde Burns, Lee “Shy” Michaels, Rochelle “Rocky” Kinsky, Dr. Kerry Nezzinger, and Alhague Farborgn five new agents of Apocalypse Prevention, Inc., the shadow corporation with the primary objective of keeping the Earth safe from supernatural threats, were assigned three routine random demon compliance inspections to verify whether the subjects were following the regulations that are applicable in their particular cases. Continue reading “API May 30, 2017”


Kingmaker May 24, 2017


Zombie Trap

Sneaking up the hill toward the Stag Lord’s palisade, Stormbolt was surprised to see zombies emerge from the ground about halfway up. Continue reading “Kingmaker May 24, 2017”

LOTFP: BTAM May 9, 2017

October 7, 1631

Gideon Dubhghall, Man at Arms, Chesley Walt the Cleric, Father Wyn Modeste, Adamina Lylou the Mage, and Finlay Lorin, Adventurer were heading for Würzburg when an angry woman appeared from over the next hill, strode up, and attacked Gideon. She decried the plight of women in a man’s world and sought to vent her fury on whatever men she came across. The clerics talked her down, and the woman, named Magda, agreed to lead them to Würzburg.
Continue reading “LOTFP: BTAM May 9, 2017”

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