The Team

Klyde Burns, Lee “Shy” Michaels, Rochelle “Rocky” Kinsky, Dr. Kerry Nezzinger, and Alhague Farborgn five new agents of Apocalypse Prevention, Inc., witnessed a female spellcaster sending electricity through the plumbing of a posh swim club.

Kinsky and Michaels captured the assailant, but two people were killed. The suspect was taken to the API office and held in the interrogation room. In the mean time, Nezzinger took his pool-soaked phone to IT to dry out, while the other agents looked into the incident.

At the Hotel

Agent Burns went to the hotel that the suspect’s key card came from. Kelsey Mack had no reservation and had not provided any payment information, but was a given room. He viewed the surveillance camera footage and noticed a five second glitch after which, Mack was in possession of a key card. Burns was suspicious of the desk clerk, but she was not in the API database and had nothing of note in public records. He searched Mack’s room and found nothing out of the ordinary except for a dossier on a Peter Tait.

Peter Tait

Agent Farborgn investigated Peter Tait. He was not in the API database, and had nothing noteworthy in public records. Tait was listed as a microbiologist with the Dawn Biozyme corporation, a biotech company located in Samson.
Searching Tait’s social media accounts, Farborgn found that Tait had an “exotic and open” social life. He also posted heavily about Robert Jatik, founder of the environmental group Full Wilderness, and his autobiography, A Task Received and Hard Lessons.

The Victims

Agent Nezzinger looked into the victims of the attack at the swim club. Michael Greenwood, the swimmer who survived, was an Employee Benefits Manager at Integra Investment Service. He had an extensive presence on social networks, under various handles, regarding Miley Cyrus, including some candid photographs in both public and private places. Integra Investment Service handled the Cyrus Family Trust. Greenwood was in stable condition at Lowlands General Hospital.

Wayne Daniels was the name of the man killed in the shower. He entertainment attorney who happened to represent Miley Cyrus and many other celebrities.


Having completed their initial research, Kinskey, Farborgn, and Nezzinger interviewed the suspect. Kinskey noted in the surveillance monitor that Mack had stealthily probed the wards preventing spellcasting within the interview room. Farborgn used the Scrying app to Detect Arcana. He discovered that Mack was a fairly strong arcane practitioner.

When confronted with this information, Mack denied any knowledge of magic or using electricity to kill anyone. She stonewalled the interrogation until a team of attorneys suddenly appeared and demanded her release.

Nezzinger and Kinsky followed the suspect and attorneys when they left the API office. Their limousine took a direct route to the Bellwether, Strawn & Costello offices in the NWI building.

At the NWI Building

Kinsky tried the direct approach to attempt access to the offices. She told the guard that the woman that the attorneys had just brought in with them was dangerous and there was credible evidence that she was going to cause someone harm. The guard did not believe her and called security. Kinsky was ejected from the building and returned to the API office.

In the mean time, Nezzinger used the distraction to sneak into the elevator, where he bypassed the key card reader to get to the offices on the 17th floor. There he told the receptionist that there was a leak in the water cooler. An escort took him to the kitchen, where he surreptitiously sabotaged the water cooler. Then the escort asked him where his tools were.

At that moment, Mack, now wearing one of the attorney’s jackets over her bikini, came into the kitchen. Nezzinger surprised Mack and coerced her into confessing that she had killed Tait for money deposited in a Caymans bank account. She used the electric bolt spell to cause Tait to have a heart attack. Just as he had written his notes down, one of the attorneys appeared, confiscated Nezzinger’s notebook, and had him escorted from the building. Nezzinger returned to the office.