Motorcycle Attack

Private Investigator Connor Myarc, archaeologist Eric Slater and veterinarian Simon Wainwright have taken a job for Robert Jatik, the famous environmental advocate and founder of Full Wilderness. Jatik offered the investigators $100,000 plus $1000 per day to find out what happened to Dr. Peter Tait, uncover what research was being conducted by the Dawn Biozyme (DBZ) corporation, and to stop the experiments that produced the strange specimen that Tait had provided, whether legal or not.

However, their first assignment was to deliver the pale yellow-white creature with numerous tentacles and rising up from cloven hooves to the Zymvotek biological laboratories for independent study by a Dr. Morton Leem. Jatik sent his associate Richard Slakes, along to provide directions and make introductions. Slater drove the Full Wilderness van because Slakes did not drive. Wainwright sat in the rear compartment with the specimen. Myarc followed in the investigators’ car.

A short distance from the Full Wilderness offices, two motorcycles, each carrying a man and woman, pulled out between the investigators’ vehicles and flanked the van, where the women opened fire on it with submachineguns.  Myarc attempted to intercept motorcycles, failing to notice two black SUVs behind him.

A gunfight ensued. Slakes and Wainwright shot back, largely ineffectually. One of the cars crashed and Slakes ran one of the motorcycles off the road. The investigators noticed that the women and a tattoo of a rose on her rear end visible through a hole deliberately cut in the seat of her jeans. but it returned a few moments later.

The attackers shot up the van and it crashed into a mailbox.  Wainwright shot the driver of the second motorcycle and it crashed into a building.  Myarc cut off the other SUV and the occupants dismounted to shoot. The passengers of the first motorcycle reappeared and positioned themselves to put the van in a crossfire.

Myarc attempted to move his vehicle in order to run down the men from the SUV, but lost control. However, he ended up in a position to shoot one of the gunmen. The driver retreated back into the SUV. When the woman from the motorcycle got shot, she ran off, followed by the driver.

Myarc was stunned by a flash-bang grenade thrown by the SUV driver, but recovered and shot the other gunman from the surviving SUV, whereby the vehicle sped off as sirens could be heard approaching.

Myarc positioned his car to load the others and the specimen into it. However, Richard Slakes was dead and the FW van was totaled. They drove off before the police arrived and called Mr. Jatik, who gave them the address of Zymvotek and called ahead to alert Dr. Leem.

When they arrived at the Zymvotek biological laboratories, Dr. Leem and an associate admitted them to an unused section of the complex where his research could be conducted with out notice for a few months. Leem pledged to informed Mr. Jatik of any discoveries.

Have completed their assignment, Myarc took his vehicle to a repair shop and then the three returned to their offices at Dr. Wainwright’s veterinary clinic.