tomb_of_giants_by_neojonus-d4hwauhOctober 10, 1631

Gideon Dubhghall, Man at Arms, Chesley Walt the Cleric, Adamina Lylou the Mage, Finlay Lorin, the Adventurer, and the woman Magda survived the fireball caused by their lantern in the oil pit at the bottom of the entry steps to the catacombs beneath the Mound. Father Wyn Modeste was not so lucky.

The Statues

After collecting anything of value on Wyn’s body that survived, the survivors continued down the passage, where they found several statues in niches, but the accompanying plaques did not appear to describe the subjects.

The first bore a great ring rests of young girls in the process of giving birth feet-first to a young girl of the same age, who is also giving birth feet-first to a girl, who is giving birth to a girl, in an infinite progression around the pedestal.

A second statue was of a young boy positioned as if taking off a shirt—only instead of clothing, he was removing his own skin.

Another statue deeper into the tomb depicted  a boy on all fours with other boys’ faces seamlessly inserted into his back.

The final statue of a terrified, handless boy being strangled and pummeled by a half dozen pairs of childrens’ hands scrambling all over him.

The heroes noted that the statues were more recent than the plaques and pedestals, and Adamina hypothesized that they were created from actual children…

Continuing past the statues, the corridor ended in a great double door, as well as a passage to either side. The party elected to to investigate the side rooms first.

The Sarcophagi

One room contained eight short, standing sarcophagi lining the walls. The room was otherwise undisturbed, outside of a mound of dung that was not yet desiccated in the center of the chamber. They party did not disturb the sarcophagi.

The other side chamber contained the remains of eight sarcophagi strewn about the room, each of their lids having fallen off. Most of them contained a short skeleton (about three and a half feet tall) with a gem fixed to its forehead. One sarcophagus contained two of these skeletons, whereas one was unoccupied, but bore a  thick layer of skins that Finlay recognized as human.

Adamina had the suspicion that the skins had been taken from the children who had been interned in the sarcophagi. When Finlay plucked a gem from one of the skulls, all eight skeletons animated and attacked.

There was an extended skirmish where the heroes fought off the attacking skeletons. Chesley was mauled several times. When the battle was over, Adamina tended to Chesley’s wounds as the party regrouped.