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Private Investigator Connor Myarc, archaeologist Eric Slater and veterinarian Simon Wainwright delivered the specimen that Dr. Peter Tait had delivered to Robert Jatik, the famous environmental advocate and founder of Full Wilderness, to Zymvotek, a laboratory where the nature of the creature could be studied. After a prolonged gun battle en route.Back at Wainwright’s clinic, Connor researched rose tattoos on women’s rear ends. He found a lot of Rose tattoos on a lot of women’s posteriors, but he did not find the butt he was looking for.

Simon had his assistant Marie attempt to make an appointment with Detective Bolling at Samson PD. She left a message.

A Walk-In Appointment

Around 2:00, Mrs. Aphra Manifold brought a juvenile male lion to the clinic. She said that Brutus had eaten something that did not agree with him.

Simon examined Brutus and detected the scent of musk on his breath. With that identification, Mrs. Manifold produced the receipt for the meat delivery, which had been dropped in a puddle and the ink had run.

The service might have delivered a musk ox carcass by mistake. Simon prescribed some cat laxatives and sent them on their way.

Police Inquiries

As Brutus and Mrs. Manifold were leaving, Detective Bolling called back. Simon spoke with him, but the conversation did not go well and Simon invited to come downtown immediately.

At the Police Station, Simon introduced Connor and Eric, who had PI licenses, as the firm he hired to look into the disappearance of Tait, who he was co-writing a paper with. Bolling told them that he did not know much about the case, but the conclusion as the scene was that Tait had committed suicide.

Tait’s car was found at Seacliff Pallisades Park, which was a cliffside overlook of the Pacific Ocean from atop the cliffs, and a popular suicide spot. Tait’s wallet was found in the car, which is also a common suicidal marker. The car had extensive damage, and the officers on-site hypothesized that Tait must have been drugged or drunk before arrival. His neighbors claimed to have not seen Tait for several days, and he had not shown up for work for the past two days. Tait’s only living relative, Edward Tait, was not very close to his brother, and the two had not communicated recently.

As there was no clear evidence to suggest foul play, the Missing Persons investigation is ongoing. All of Tait’s personal effects, as well as the vehicle, were turned over to his brother.

During the conversation, Simon ingratiated himself with the detective, who pledged to keep the investigators informed of any new developments, provided that they did the same in return.

At Tait’s House

The team decided to inspect Peter Tait’s residence. They found the house in a quiet, unassuming neighborhood. There was no signs of anyone in the area at 3:00 in the afternoon. The house seemed innocuous and no worse for wear that the other homes on the block.

Connor found an unlocked window around the side of the house and opened the door for the others. The house appeared to have been unoccupied for several days. In the study, they found Tait’s computer and shelves of journals and academic papers.

Eric guessed Tait’s computer password after noting various Godzilla paraphernalia around the room.  On it they found found file abstracts for numerous advanced genetics and micro-biology projects, but all were accompanied by locations on DBZ file servers. The house had an elaborate, high-speed Internet connection.

They found emails and calendar entries for past and future appointments, as well as financial records .  They took the ledger book for Marie to look at.  On the shelf, Connor found a well-thumbed copy of Robert Jatik’s book, A Task Received and Hard Lessons.

Upstairs, Simon found a large set scrapbooks  disguised as encyclopedia. They contained photos and correspondence for numerous sexual liaisons, some fairly recent. In the bathroom, Simon found antibiotics and sex aids. Simon deduced that Tait had not been suicidal.

Simon also found extensive audio and video recording equipment, as well as a homemade library of pornographic episodes captured in the bedroom.  Thinking that Tait was blackmailing his partners, Simon looked through scrapbooks hoping to find Jatik as a blackmail target, but he did not.

Eric found an answering machine which bore a message from a Judy saying that she had called. He noted the name and telephone number. The he climbed onto the roof, to see if anything was amiss,  but found nothing.

Having finished their search, the decided that their next stop would be to speak with the brother, Edward Tait.