Worg Attack

K’rek the kobold kavalier joined the party with his war pig, B’kon. They departed for Oleg’s by way of the river ford to map out the area. K’rek and some of his band knew of a cave where they camped for the night.

On the second watch, Oostund observed five worgs approaching the camp. Froing awakened K’rek. K’rek mounted B’kon. Oostund awakened Stormbolt and cast Shield Other on Lucee.

Froing awakened Lucee. Stormbolt took a defensive position. A worg charged Stormbolt. The dragon bit it. K’rek missed with his lance, but B’kon hit another worg. Lucee rose and drew her weapons.

Froing cast Shield of Faith on Lucee. Stormbolt bit and gored the worg. The worgs closed on the party. Oostund hit his opponent. Two worgs missed the pig. One bit Stormbolt. The kobolds shot their slings at some worgs. Lucee hit her foe.

Froing closed to attack. Stormbolt killed his worg. A worg bit B’kon and tripped him. K’rek dismounted. The other worgs missed. The kobolds missed again with their slings. K’rek recovered B’kon, but the worgs bit the pig and tripped him again. K’rek issued a Cavalier’s Challenge and killed one of the worgs. Lucee cleft her opponent to death. Oostund pummeled his opponent to death.

Froing healed B’kon. Stormbolt closed on the last worg but missed. The last worg attacked the dragon, but missed. The kobolds missed. K’rek challenged the last worg. Lucee moved into position. Oostund missed.

Froing closed hit the worg, then Stormbolt killed the last one.

The rest of the night passed quietly, and in the morning several more kobolds were in camp butchering the worgs. Stormbolt ate one himself.  Then the party continued mapping the area. The night passed without incident.

The party then detoured for eight uneventful days to return the cleric to the Erastil Shrine and return to the unexplored route by way of the radish patch.

They documented the plains closer to Oleg’s Trading Post. Froing spotted five of the thylocenes. They approached eyeing B’kon hungrily.