Once the Mack record was in the system, the agents were called into the Operations Manager’s office. There he informed them that Kelsey Mack, via her attorneys at Bellwether, Strawn & Costello, were suing API for harassment.

Citing gross violation of the API Code of Ethics for hijacking Ms. Mack’s body, a violation that would result in anyone else being deported off planet or worse, Agent Farborgn was reassigned to clerical duties for an unspecified period.

Agent Michaels was sent for assertiveness training. Their hesitation in intervening with Ms. Mack resulted in the preventable deaths of three civilians.

All of the other agents received a memo in their file relating to their willing participation in the operation.

When the reprimands were completed, the Operations Manager ordered them to complete their assigned inspections, warning them that the last one, Wilbur Quench, was a difficult customer.

The Wilbur Quench Inspection

The team arrived at Quench's penthouse. The door  was answered by a medusa who did not petrify people. There were six beautiful women were fauning over Wilbur Quench in spite of his demonic form. Nezzinger saw through the Scrying app that the women were under the effects of a glamour.

Burns confronted Quench and the glamour spell was broken. The demon ran off. One of the women cast a spell and he was engulfed in vegetation. The medusa then cast a spell that made him tear at the vines frantically.

The agents intervened and engaged the caster and the medusa. Eventually, backup arrived and the two demons were taken into custody for interrogation.