October 10, 1631


Gideon Dubhghall, Man at Arms, Chesley Walt the Cleric, Adamina Lylou the Mage, Finlay Lorin, the Adventurer, and the woman Magda defeated the halfling skeletons that animated after Finlay removed the gem from one of their skulls. The party then used their available resources to heal their wounds.After much debate, the heroes decided not to take any more gems, though Finlay kept the one he already had. They also elected not to disturb the intact sarcophagi in the other room.

The Wizard

There was a secret door in the room that led to a darkened stairway downward. They debated taking the stairs. In the end, they moved on the investigate the room at the end of the corridor.

Inside they found an arcane laboratory. At the rear of the chamber were to more grotesque statues. In the center was a bloodstained altar. Standing behind the altar we're a crazed-looking old man, and a giant cat-like creature that appeared to be made of crystal.

The old wizard greeted the party in a friendly manner, but they were reluctant to parlay with him. Among other things, he had a child's skull pinned to his collar, and appeared to be the creator of the statues.

They did not ask for the wizard's name, and he did not ask for theirs. Instead he offered the party two options. They could either take the stairway that they had discovered, or they could perform a task for him.

The Quest

The wizard informed the heroes that the Insect God who ruled millennia ago has awakened, and should it rise, all of humanity could be destroyed. However, if the Gem of the Insect could be stolen and broken, the ritual to revive the Insect God could not be completed.
They party questioned why they should help an apparently mad and evil wizard. He replied that while he killed perhaps a dozen people per year, the Insect God would be far worse.
The wizard said he could transport the party to when the gem was and provide a scroll to return them to the present. When they expressed concern about losing time on their current quest to slay the Seven in Karlstadt, the wizard offered to write the return scroll to bring them back a few days earlier.
After a momentary debate about encountering their past selves, the heroes agreed to pursue the wizard's quest. He provided Gideon with a quantity of a salve useful against insects. He also gave Lylou a scroll with some higher level spells.

Into the Past

When they were ready, the wizard cast the spell, and the heroes found themselves in a square room with doors on all four sides. The doors were all made of foot-thick solid rock with four insect heads that formed a square pattern at human head-and-chest level while there was another at floor level. It was Magda who figured out how to unlock a door, and when they opened it, they could see a gathering of insects chanting in a chamber that was across a stone bridge from them.
Chesley cast an Augary, which indicated that the doors on the level below the bridge led only to probable death, versus certain death across the bridge.


Gideon and Finlay started to cross bridge,but Finlay seen by some halflings with crossbows below. Gideon was shot before he and Finlay took cover across the bridge. There they discovered that there was a large gathering of insects and halflings chanting over a chasm, but they had not been noticed.
Magda and Chesley jumped off the bridge down to the level where the halflings were. Lylou followed Gideon and Finlay, and was shot by a bolt. The halflings below closed on Magda and Chesley.