Thylacine Encounter

During the day's exploration, five thylacines were spotted nearby.  Stormbolt prepared to charge when they got closer.  Oostund also prepared to charge.

The thylacines approached quickly, so Stormbolt charged, attacking with a breath-charged bite.  Oostund charged and damaged another one.  The remaining three thylacines closed, two more approaching Stormbolt and one more on Ooslug, but could not attack. 

K'rek declared a cavalier's challenge to one thylacine next to Oostund and kicked B'kon into a charge leading with his lance, utterly destroying the creature.  The kobold groupies closed and attacked with their slings, doing minor damage.  Lucee approached, activated the Stag-Lord helmet, then shot her bow but missed.  The Cleric appoached halfway and considered healing the wounded creature, but decided against it. 

Stormbolt attacked with breath-charged bite, claws, and gore, killing the thylacine that had charged him.  Oostund fully attacked his opponent and killed it.  The thylacines attacked, the two on Stormbolt doing minor damage, the one of Oostund missing.  K'rek and B'kon were hit while charging across the field to attack a thylacine next to Stormbolt. They killed it. 

The kobolds again attacked with their slings, doing enough damage to almost kill their opponent. Lucee again activated the Stag-Lord helmet and shot her bow, stealing the kobolds' kill.  The Cleric shrugged and returned to watching the horses. 

Stormbolt, then crossed over to kill the remaining thylacine (stealing Oostund's kill).  Stormbolt and the kobolds enjoyed a meal.

There were encounters during the night.

Down Came a Spider

The next day, when nearing completion of their exploration, the party encountered a circle of bones.  No evil, no magic. The bones were mostly from animals, but there were some humanoid remains.  Oostund approached carefully, discovering a trap-door spider hiding in middle.  The spider jumped out and attempted to attack Oostund, but missed, retreating into its hole. 

Everyone prepared for the spider to emerge again, and when it did, Stormbolt killed it with his electrical breath weapon.  The pit was searched, and the bodies of two bandits were found.  Their equipment and money was collected and the bodies buried.

That night, the party arrived at Oleg's.

Preparing for Construction

It took fourteen days to escort the workers and equipment to the old Stag-Lord's fortress, with no significant encounters along the way.

Upon arrival, the workers were assigned the work of preparing the site for settlement, which would take 30 days. This would formally establish their kingdom, the name of which still needed to be decided.

During the next 30 days, the party would need to spend half of it managing and protecting the workers, and the rest of time could be spent exploring nearby hexes.

There was still territory surrounding the new kingdom's home that had yet to be properly explored, and K'rek requested that the area containing the Sootscale tribe's caverns also be properly explored and cleared.

Warg for Breakfast

After spending the first two days managing the workers, the team then headed east to explore the adjacent hills. 

While camping after the first day of exploration, during the third watch manned by Stormbolt and his groupies, the kobolds, the party was approached by a pack of 3 wolves lead by a warg. 

The warg charged Stormbolt, hurting him and tripping him.  The remaining wolves charged the kobolds, hitting and tripping a one (but not killing him).

Stormbolt decided to do a full attack while prone, with a breath-charged bite, and killed the warg.  The kobolds, encouraged by Stormbolts bravery, rallied and attacked the remaining wolves with their spears, doing minor damage (the one that was prone standing, provoking an attack of opportunity, but only taking minor damage, staggering him). 

Due to the noise, Lucee woke, as did B'kon.  However, the wolves, their pack leader having been killed, decided to flee.  The kobolds got in a few swipes on the retreating wolves, but they got away. 

Stormbolt and the kobolds had a satisfying breakfast of warg.  Lucee rolled over and went back to sleep, thinking the disturbance was just the dragon and kobolds being noisy with their food.