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November 2017

Kingmaker November 22, 2017


K’rek’s Subterfuge

While Stormbolt and the others were administering the kingdom in Stormhaven, K’rek returned to the Sootscale village. There, he alterted the chief of Stormbolt’s treaty with the lizardfolk. This alarmed the chief, who immediately raised a force to attack the lizardfolk and address their god-king’s folly. Continue reading “Kingmaker November 22, 2017”


Murphy’s Law November 19, 2017


Relocating the Refugees

The Alex Murphy shuttled several loads of refugees to the G’frar ship. Having returned successfully, others lost their reluctance to shuttle to the reclusive alien vessel. Continue reading “Murphy’s Law November 19, 2017”

Kingmaker November 15, 2017


Murder in Stormhaven

Having defeated the insane, presumed-druid, the party returned to their boats at the lizardfolk lair. From there, they returned to Stormhaven, the Warden approached hurriedly and welcomed them. Continue reading “Kingmaker November 15, 2017”

Herald November 14, 2017

Four strangers recevied a summons to combat evil. Three knew what they were getting into. One did not believe it even existed.  Continue reading “Herald November 14, 2017”

Kingmaker November 8, 2017


Hopping Mad

They explored the area on the south side of the river near the lizardfolk’s island and made camp. On third watch, Oostend and Stormbolt noted some small humanoids creeping nearby. Oostend shouted “who goes there?!” and awakened the rest of the party. Continue reading “Kingmaker November 8, 2017”

LOTFP: BTAM November 7, 2017


Just as the party was recovering from the battle, another hoard of halflings and a trio of giant ants emerged. Bolstered by their rapid success, the heroes were more daring, employing more magic in the fight. Continue reading “LOTFP: BTAM November 7, 2017”

Kingmaker, November 1, 2017


Travelled to the island. Stormbolt fought with two will-o-wisps in the air while the others watched. They party explored the ruined tower and found a Chaos Dagger Continue reading “Kingmaker, November 1, 2017”

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