Travelled to the island. Stormbolt fought with two will-o-wisps in the air while the others watched. They party explored the ruined tower and found a Chaos Dagger

Zap and Repeat

They continued to explore the island. An hour later, another will-o-wisp appeared and Stormbolt engaged it. It shocked Stormbolt to no effect, but he missed with his attacks. Lylou shot the will-o-wisp with her bow.

The will-o-wisp shocked Stormbolt again to no effect, but he missed with his attacks. Lylou shot the will-o-wisp with her bow. Oostend shot an Acid Splash, but missed. The will-o-wisp shocked Stormbolt to no effect, but he clawed it twice. Lylou shot the will-o-wisp with her bow and killed it.

They continued their explorations and found nothing else of interest on the island. K’rek knew that the tower had existed and been haunted since before the Sootscale tribe. There were stories of expeditions that went to the island and never returned.

Another will-o-wisp appeared. Stormbolt clawed the will-o-wisp. Lylou shot the will-o-wisp with her bow. Then it shocked Stormbolt through his ER. Oostend missed with the Acid Splash. The will-o-wisp Stormbolt missed, then Lylou killed it.

They returned to the mainland and made camp on the beach.

Another will-o-wisp appeared and shocked Oostend on the second watch. He performed an Evolution Surge to gain Energy Resistance. Froing awakened the rest of the party. The will-o-wisp shocked Oostend to no effect. Stormbolt entered the fight. Lylou entered the fight. Froing prepared to heal when needed.

The will-o-wisp shocked Oostend to no effect. Oostend hit with a claw. Stormbolt hit with a claw. K’rek picked up his lance. Froing missed. The will-o-wisp shocked Oostend to no effect. Oostend stung it. Stormbolt missed. Lylou missed. K’rek mounted B’kun. Froing watched. The will-o-wisp shocked Oostend and wounded Oostend. He bit it. Stormbolt clawed twice and killed it.

The rest of the night passed uneventfully, though lights could be seen over the island.

Unexpected Allies

The party chose to explore up the Murque River. A few miles up the river, a small island came into view in the center of the river. It was surrounded by a wooden pallisade with spikes pointing outward. Inside the barrier were a cluster of mounds surrounding a central mound, with smoke, presumably from campfires billowed up.

K’rek identified them as lizard men, who were said to capture and eat kobolds. Stormbolt recognized that the lizard men usually had a leader whose demise would weaken their morale. He estimated that the tribe was on the smaller side. He reasoned that, since the kobolds were established as a vassal nation, the party should defend them.

Stormbolt flew the island to see what was there. He noted six small mounds around a larger one. There were a couple of lizard folk by the gate. Stormbolt landed in the center of the compound. A guard approached and said hello. Stormbolt introduced himself as the king and asked to speak with their chief.

A large lizard man appeared surrounded by four guards. Stormbolt said that he wanted to make a peaceful arrangement with the lizardfolk to avoid future hostility. He negotiated for them to stop capturing and eating sentient beings in exchange for trading for meat.

In the end, the lizard folk agreed to be trading partners, and to allow the humans to send people to identify suitable trade goods, and eventually to establish a fishery in their territory. In return, Stormbolt pledged not to send warriors to the area so long as his citizens are not threatened.

The treaty resolved, they commenced with the celebratory feast, and after lunch, the party continued in their explorations.