Just as the party was recovering from the battle, another hoard of halflings and a trio of giant ants emerged. Bolstered by their rapid success, the heroes were more daring, employing more magic in the fight.Lylou read the scroll to return them to their own time, but something went wrong, because the foes were immediately upon them. Fortuneately, the giant wasps did not seem to be interested in joining the fray, and the giant ants were bottled up in the passage, so only one could attack at a time.

Lylou again read the scroll to return them home, but this time, most of the combatants were paralyzed, including Lylou. But the battle continued until Chesley attempted to cast a Bless spell, whereby the heroes found themselves in a maze of caverns.

The caverns were littered with bones and carrion, and giant worker ants were scouring the bones looking for scraps. The party avoided the ants, but took the time to search among the skeletons, many of whom had scraps of clothing and other possessions. Gideon and Lylou found some potions among the litter, while Magda found some coins.

The scroll that the necromancer had given Lylou had been transformed into a wand whose gem glowed in certain directions. Perhaps it is the direction home.