Hopping Mad

They explored the area on the south side of the river near the lizardfolk’s island and made camp. On third watch, Oostend and Stormbolt noted some small humanoids creeping nearby. Oostend shouted “who goes there?!” and awakened the rest of the party.

K’rek mounted B’kun. The intruders spoke in an unfamiliar language. Then there was a loud croak and the frog-beings charged with morningstars.

Oostend, K’rek, and Stormbolt charged. K’rek, and Stormbolt decimated their foes. One charged Lucee and she hit it. Froing advanced to see if there were anymore, but did not see any. Oostend killed his opponent. The last one attacked Lucee, but missed. She smote it.

The Crazy Druid

In the morning they moved on and explored the north side of the river and then moved northward into the forest to explore the immediate region for the next two days. On the second day, Stormbolt spied a human with a large cat reminiscent of Piotr, but Lucee detected it as evil.

Lucee drew her weapon and told the party to hold their ground. Then she ordered the stranger to stop and announce himself. The stranger ignored her and approached K’rek and B’kun. The kobold did not recognize the stranger. Stormbolt introduced himself as the King of Otharkil and asked the newcomer to identify himself. Froing prepared to react.

The stranger was wearing leather armor and carried a short sword, but had not drawn it. Lucee’s detection indicated a single, faint evil aura. She circled around the stranger to flank him. She demanded the stranger announce himself.

The stranger said he was a wandering druid who lived in the forest. Lucee determined that the evil was coming from the stranger. Lucee announced herself as a Paladin of Erastil and demanded to know who the stranger worshipped. The stranger replied that he worshipped the forest.

The stranger introduced himself as Bokkan the Younger and his companion Cat. He stated that his brother, Bokkan the Elder, lived in the north near Oleg’s Trading Post. K’rek was aware of Bokkan the Elder, and also that his younger brother was said to live to the south and was insane. He informed the party in Draconic. Stormbolt noted that Bokkan twitched at the announcement.

Stormbolt asked if he knew of any dragons in the forest. Bokkan replied that he knew of King Stormbolt and described him in third person. Stormbolt asked in Draconic if he spoke Draconic, and Bokkan answered in Draconic. He also volunteered to guide the party through the forest.

With Bokkan’s assistance, the party finished exploring the immediate area with no issues, though he gave a running monologue about larches and ferns, and took a circuitous route. The cat walked alongside him the whole time ignorning everyone.

That evening they made camp. They planned to return for their boats and take them back to the capitol, and then explore to the east. Bokkan and the cat volunteered for the second watch.

All was quiet until the second watch, when Lucee and Froing were also on with the newcomers. The cat was padding around the perimeter. Then Bokkan drew his sword. Froing asked if something was coming, and the druid replied, “THE VOICES!” and stabbed Stormbolt.

Stormbolt bit, clawed, and gored Bokkan. The druid attacked stabbed Stormbolt again, and then the cat flanked the dragon and bit him. Lucee charged the druid and sliced him. Froing cured Stormbolt. K’rek awakened.

Stormbolt bit the druid again. Bokkan missed Stormbolt. The cat bit Stormbolt. Lucee pressed her attack and he went down. K’rek attempted to use his animal handling skill to make the cat familiar stand down. Froing searched the druid and disarmed him. He had a sword and a whip of interest.

Stormbolt rose. The cat attacked, then Stormbolt responded and struck back. The cat clawed him again. Lucee interposed between Stormbolt and the cat. Froing stabilized Bokkan.

Stormbolt stepped away. The cat attacked Lucee. She attempted to subdue the cat. K’rek failed to gain control of the familiar. Froing relieved Bokkan of his gear.

Stormbolt killed the cat and then the druid. Bokkan’s armor, whip, and ring all detected as magical. Aeldred determined that the ring was a Ring of Protection. His sword was masterwork.