Four strangers recevied a summons to combat evil. Three knew what they were getting into. One did not believe it even existed. 

Dr. Idu Knot No

Dr. Idu Knot No was a learned skeptic from Mumbai. He was sent by the Disbelievers League to debunk this Mythos nonsense. He was instructed to root out the source of the supernatural mumbo-jumbo, H.P. Lovecraft of Providence, Rhode Island.

Dr. No arrived at the Lovecraft home unannounced, on Sunday, May 8, 1924, and was admitted by the author’s aunt over audible objections heard from inside the house. Lovecraft, however, was not hostile to the skeptic. Instead, he suggested that No accompany some associates on a recruitment mission.

John R

The shady figure known only as John R was a smuggler of obscure antiquities into the United States. He recently imported an octopoid statue from the South Pacific, but when he delivered the package, the recipients attempted to kill him. Things looked bleak, but he was rescued from the cultists by a chef.

Luther Lynch

Luther Lynch had always been an outsider. Small and ugly, hiding in the kitchen of various restaurants, Lynch had been an accomplished chef until he was revealed by an impulsive food critic who had sought to congratulate him. Instead he was ostracized, and his image spread among the restaurant industry. Nevertheless, Lynch was personable, and had made many acquaintances with people who could overlook his appearance. He was sent to Providence, Rhode Island to find work.

John and Luther elected to lay low in a dive bar near that docks. While hiding among the crowd or rowdy sailors, someone handed Luther a note, but disappeared before they could get a good look at the messenger.

Pancho Barnes

The aviatrix-adventurer was carousing in Mexico when the village she was visiting was attacked by a large, tree-like thing with tentacles. The village elders knew how to drive it off. Pancho wanted to learn more, and in a subsequent conversation with Amelia Earhardt, was advised to go to Providence, Rhode Island.

She checked in at the Biltmore Hotel and was relaxing in the parlour before a dinner with a publisher of her adventures when a uniformed bellman handed her a note.

A Summons to Meet

The four all received the same request: a handwritten note from Samuel Clemens.

To ___________
Dear __________,

Your interest accounts of the weird and supernatural has come to my attention. I invite you to partake of such an investigation of just such a phenomena.

You are hereby requested to proceed to the Anatheum Library in Providence at 10 o’clock in the morning on Monday the 8th to meet with the other like-minded individuals and a someone with a story you will find both interesting and compelling.

The book that she will describe, The Golden Bough, can be dangerous in the wrong hands, and my colleagues and I are most concerned with its acquisition and safe-keeping. We would like you to locate The Golden Bough, and bring it to Professor Henry Armitage at the Miskatonic University Library in Arkham, Massachusetts.

Proceed to the reading area adjacent to the Robert Burns collection. For the purposes of identification to your fellow members, please wear a violet.

Sincerely yours,
S. L. Clemens