Murder in Stormhaven

Having defeated the insane, presumed-druid, the party returned to their boats at the lizardfolk lair. From there, they returned to Stormhaven, the Warden approached hurriedly and welcomed them.

The Warden informed Stormbolt that there had been a pair of murders in his absence, but no suspects have been identified. The first victim was the barmaid, who failed to return home from a late shift two nights ago. She was mauled as if by a large beast and partially consumed. The attack occurred in the center of town, but there were no witnesses.

The second attack was just last night. A shepherd and some of his sheep were similarly attacked and partially consumed. Lucee noted that the moon was full and waning. K’rek was unaware of there being any lycanthropy in the area.

There were rumors that werewolves tended to look feral in human form, had enlarged middle fingers, eyebrows that ran together, and tattoos on their palms. Strombolt knew of their vulnerability to silver. Lucee sought to capture the werewolf and see to locking it up on the full moons to prevent future attacks.

Stormbolt authorized the use of kobolds to bolster security, and K’rek recruited some. Stormbolt decreed that all citizens should stay indoors for the night, except for the designated defenders, who would patrol in groups of five.

Defending the Town

Froing went to the tavern to interview the people there. There were rumors of various kinds of lycanthropes and a lot of speculation, but nothing credible.

Stormbolt overflew the town in a criss-cross pattern. He noted a shape skulking in the shadows that was too big for a kobold. He informed Oostend’s patrol. Aeldred sent runners to inform the others.

When Stormbolt returned to the spot, the lurking figure was gone. He saw no sign of any tracks. When Oostend arrived, he did not note anything unusual, until there was a low scream. They investigated the noise.

Around the corner, they found one of the kobold messengers shredded in the street. Another of the messengers located Lucee, who joined them at the site. They could not find anything definitive in the area.

A messenger finally reached K’rek in the outskirts of the town and informed him. He rode back to town and joined the rest. In the mean time, Lucee scanned the area for evil. Oostend performed an Evolution Surge to acquire scent ability, but he could not detect any scents. K’rek set B’kun on the scent by having him sniff the dead kobold, but he only located the other kobolds.

Back at the tavern, one of the people mentioned that there was a drunken sot who was staying at the inn, who was always there drinking, but was not there at that time. The drunk was a wandering barbarian adventurer.

The party returned to their patrols. Oostend discovered the figure lurking in the shadows, made a mightly bellow, and charged it. Stormbolt and K’rek located the sound and moved to that location.

The figure emerged from the shadows. It was a werewolf, and it attacked Oostend. It growled menacingly, raged and snapped at him, but missed. Froing kept drinking. Lucee ran toward the noise. Stormbolt closed on the combat. Oostend engaged and mauled the creature, but the wounds were smaller than expected. Five of kobolds joined the fight with their spears, but did no significant damage. K’rek advanced further.

The werewolf attacked Oostend again and bit him. Froing kept drinking. Lucee ran toward the noise. Stormbolt bit the werewolf with a breath-charged bite. Oostend struck back. The kobolds continued to keep the werewolf surrounded. K’rek ordered the kobolds to move so he could charge.

There werewolf missed. Stormbolt clawed and gored. Oostend clawed and bit. The kobolds scattered and one was killed. K’rek charged with his lance, but missed.

The werewolf again struck Oostend. Stormbolt mauled the werewolf. Oostend struck back. K’rek charged and missed again.

The werewolf hit Oostend again. Lucee advanced into position to heal Aeldred. Stormbolt downed the werewolf and then shredded the corpse.